Thursday, 22 August 2019

FOR SALE: 2nd Caçadores x16

Firstly, the reason for this sale. Initially I intended to do my Caçadores in units of 16 figures in skirmish order. My plan has now changed, and my new plan calls for units of 24 figures. The brown I used to paint these figures is a mix of paint I can no longer match - this unit cannot be enlarged. Consequently, it is surplus to requirement. 

2nd Caçadores. 16 Figures. Figures are Front Rank. They are painted with enamels by yours truly.

The price, including postage within U.K. (postage to other destinations by arrangement) is £150.00. I will sell on a first come first served basis following contact by email - see below. 

I will accept payment by BACS (preferred), or Pay Pal. All money received will be used to buy more Napoleonic lead.

If you want these figures, drop an email to this address to arrange the sale:

Thanks for looking,


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