Sunday, 20 February 2022

15mm WW2 Western Desert stuff: FOR SALE

When I started my WW2 Operation Crusader (non) project I decided to collect 15mm stuff scaling unit organisation at 1:5. This looked great with British Tank Brigades mustering 31 vehicles a piece but, the player work load (controlling up to 60 elements at a time) was too much and the mere mention of playing big WW2 games would make the Lads' eyes roll in their sockets. Consequently, I'm in the process of rescaling everything to 1:10 in the hope that more games might be willingly played. 

I'm still going to keep the vast majority of my stuff. I've now got two panzer regiments not one, I no longer have to double use a regiment of my A15 Crusaders for both 22nd Armoured Brigade and 7th Armoured Brigade and I have a lot more infantry battalions, because you never know I might have more players round to split the workload one day.

However, the sort out has created some excesses here and there and stuff is now surplus to requirement. I'm going to sell the excess stuff, painted and unpainted, over the next month or two. I'm not listing it all at once because I want to make the process as confusion free as possible (for me, a bear of little brain).

I'm going to sell everything at very reasonable prices considering the quality of the paint jobs, which is EXCELLENT if I say so myself, for quick sales - I'm not going lower so don't bother trying to haggle, the price listed is the price. 

Sales will be made on a first come first served basis. To log an interest, email me at (Please note this is not my Pay Pal address so no jumping the gun). I'll get back to you to arrange actual sales and payments.

There will be a one off flat postage charge of £3, regardless of how many lots you buy, for destinations within the UK, and postage to destinations elsewhere will be charged pretty much at cost.

I can take payment by Pay Pal (payment as friend, to avoid charges, preferred) but payment by direct UK bank transfer would be best if at all possible.

So here are the lots and prices: All lots sold as seen:

4 x Assorted German recon, etc. (FoW, resin and metal): £55.00 

2 x 10.5cm German howitzers and crew (FoW, metal) Lot A: £35.00

2 x 10.5cm German howitzers and crew (FoW, metal) Lot B: £35.00


German 15cm howitzers and crews (possibly Peter Pig and FoW? metal): £35.00

So that's this listing with more to come. Thanks for looking.

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