Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campaign: Turn 11, Prussian move phase.

The Prussians are back in supply!

Prussian moves:
  • Frederick at Aussig with 41SP to Nollendorf
  • Bevern at  Arnau with 10SP to Jlein then onto Sobotka
  • Schwerin at Brandeis with 45 SPs  to Prague

Monday, 15 August 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campaign: Turn 10, Austrian move phase.

Brown is still out of supply so loses 1 SP.

Austrian moves

  • Konigseck at Welwarn with 28 SPs, gives 1SP to Serbelloni who moves to Melnik and then Dauba, Konigseck moves with 27 SPs to Budin then Lobositz to join Lorraine.
  • Maquire at Brandies with 20 SP moves to Prague and encamps outside the walls.
  • Daun at Chlum with 12 SPs moves to Sobotka.
  • Browne at Konnigstein with 10 SPs moves to Rumburg.
There is a major contact at Lobositz. Lorraine with 71 SPs faces Frederick with 51. There is also a minor contact at Rumburg. Frederick retreats to Aussig, Winterfeldt retreats to Schlucklenau.

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campaign: Turn 10, Prussian move phase

At the end of turn nine the Prussians under Winterfeld at Konnigstein retreat to Rumburg,  and the Austrians under Toppa retreat to Welwarn.

Frederick is out of supply for a fourth consecutive move and loses 2 SPs.

Prussian moves:
  • Henry at Nollendorf with 18SP, to Aussig, then Lobositz.
  • Frederick at Budin with 33SP, to Lobositz. 
  • Schwerin at Alt-Brezlau with 45SP, to Brandeis. 
  • Bevern at Soor with 10SP, to Koniginhof then Arnau. 

Correction: Frederick has 51 SP, not 41 as shown here.

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campaign: Turn 9, Austrian move phase

At the start of the move phase Browne and Von Krappa start the turn out of supply. They both lose 1 SP. This eliminates Von Krappa at Nollendorf.

Austrian moves:
  • Lorraine at Lobositz with 43 SP, to Aussig and then back to Lobositz.
  • Browne at Karbitz with 11 SP, to Konigstein.
  • Konigseck at Brandies with 26 SP, to Prague and then Welwarn.
  • Maquire at Alt Bunzlow with 20 SP, to Brandeis.
  • Daun at Staudenz with 32 SP drops von Bitburg (new commander initiative 1) at Staudenz with 20 SP. Daun to Koniggratz then Chlum with 12 SP.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campaign: Turn 9, Prussian move phase

Frederick and Henry are still out of supply so lose 1 SP each. Things are looking bleak for Frederick's supply situation. Next turn he will go out of supply for a fourth consecutive turn and will start losing 2 SP per turn. 

Prussian moves:

Frederick at Lietmeritz with 35SP, to Budin
Henry at Aussig with 18SP, to Nollendorf
Schwerin at Alt Lissa with 45SP, to Alt-Bunzlau
Bevern at Koniginhof with 10SP, to Soor

Friday, 5 August 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campain: Turn 8, Austrian move phase

Von Krappa is out of supply and loses 1 SP.

Austrian move phase.

  • Daun arrives at Koniggratz and moves to Staudenz.
  • Konigseck at Lissa with 46 SPs, splits his force and gives 20 SP to Maquire who moves to Alt-Bunzlau. Konigseck moves to Alt-Bunzlau then Brandeis
  • Browne at Lietmeritz with 14 SPs, splits his force and gives 2SP to General 'Jung' Toppa (initiative 0). Browne moves to Linay and then Karbitz.

At Lietmeritz Jung Toppa retreats, before battle, to Budin. This move will show up in the next situation map.

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campaign: Turn 8, Prussian move phase.

Turn eight finds Frederick and Henry out of supply - both lose 1 SP.

Prussian moves:
Winterfeld at Gabel with 1 SP to Rumburg, then Konigstein
Schwerin at Jung Bunzlau with 45SP to Alt-Lissa
Bevern at Jlein with 10SP, to Arnau then Koniginhof
Frederick at Dauba with 36SP to Leitmeritz