Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Battle of the Red Gate.

The Chronicle of Kermit the Hermit (A.K.A. The Dirty Fakir) continues.

"……and were in sight.

But Rorus was false and in the pay of Toghtekin. Toghtekin, unbeknownst to King Baldwin, was in full knowledge of the King’s preparations and plans, and had, in the day preceding King Baldwin’s arrival at the Red Gate arrayed his forces in devious places and hiding, showing him only what Toghtekin wished. Having set his trap, he had sent his agent Rorus to goad King Baldwin into it.

King Baldwin led his army with discipline through the lower Gate sending his archers [Turcopoles] ahead to skirmish with Lord Toghtekin's van. But the King's archers were not a match for his and many ran. So the King trusting more in his true and good Christians formed his line before the enemy whilst the Count Garnier was charged to support from rearward and watch for any ruse the enemy might endeavour to perform.

When the King’s army was half way between the doors of the Gate, Toghtekin released his archers [Turcomans] from either side and behind. Now Lord Garnier proved his worth; afore seeing danger everywhere he told the Pisans, who accompanied him, to watch a certain gully, from which the heathen now emerged in a great swarm. His Pisans did great slaughter, filling the air with their bolts, and many a pagan and his horse did block the gully to the height of a man’s chest.

Toghtekin’s trap now having been sprung, Baldwin did set his horse firmly for defence but persisted in his assault on the northern end of the Gate. Count Garnier, seeing the Askar of Toghtekin on the ridge set forth with his knights in order to kill him and thus weaken the hearts of the enemy, but as his knights made their way up the rocky slope they were charged by a body of wild men, who rushed from the deserted village on the mount in a screaming frenzy [those pesky 'Village People' again], and but for a body of his own foot who came to his aid he would surely have perished before his unjust end was met. Onward, under arrows that filled the sky and emptied saddles, he and his company drew swords against Toghtekin and his guard, forcing him back. But, woe worth the day, the Count fell and was taken into the bosom of The Lord. Undaunted, his knights, in vengeful anger, fought on, and his foot, with equal resolution, took the ruined village from the Muslim. To the rear of the Count’s fight, all was not right for the Army of God. For as many a black souled heathen was dispatched to the Devil, another took his place, and they were sore pressed.

Where Baldwin was all was well and his soldiers in good heart; fortified with the Power of The Cross on which their Lord had died. His foot did advance onto the village where in many of the enemy threw rocks down upon them and a great struggle began and battle raged about it. Busy with his sword, the King led his knights into the fray on one side whilst his archers did try their luck again against the archers of the enemy. The King pressed back the Askar of Klimuk whilst his archers on the left hand were forced back upon their foot."

To be continued, same time next week........


Enigma said...
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goooooood girl said...
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Ashwani said...

I like this blog and also it's good to know that you loves movies.


MiniWargamer said...

I appreciate the picture heavy posts! I take the larger versions and add them to a computer wallpaper directory and cycle through them.


Sorry about the messages deleted. It seems I'm being hijacked by poker sites and such. I'll try and moderate [delete] as many as possible as quick as possible.


Mike said...

Great battle so far, I cant wait to see if the Crusaders persevere. I play this same era with the Perry range and in our games, it's pretty evenly split between Muslim and Crusader wins.

As usual, your paintjobs are just awesome. Put mine to shame.