Monday, 2 February 2009

Thanks for looking

Hi guys,

I've made no bones about my blog being a window into what the Ilkley Lads and I have been up to at my place. It appears that many of you have taken time to look through that window. Thank you for doing so; in the last 30 days there have been more of you than ever before – 2,979 of you in fact, making 5,145 visits.
Again, thank you, and Best Regards,



Donogh said...

Thanks for posting!
It got quiet there for a while, but it's definitely been worth hanging in there to revisit.

Keith Flint said...

James, thank you for your generous offer posted on my blog. I would love to come up and broaden my wargame horizons, but as you say it is a fair way.

I will have to check the diary and see if the C-in-C Home Forces agrees.

Perhaps I could let you know in a few days. Thanks again, Keith.

Ian White said...

Hi James.
It looks like there could be three or four of us 'Crusaders' from Kirklees available at Triples to "push some figures around" =)
Ian & the KC Group.



Hi Ian & Keith,

Fantastic. That is a big headache sorted. Which day / days will you be there. I'll organise everybody else around you.

Do you have a copy of Ager Sanguinis (Jan edition Miniature Wargames 309)? If not contact me via email with your address and I'll try and get a copy to you.

No problem, and we can always fit a little one in.

Best Regards,

Ian White said...

Can't locate your email address - mine is ianwhite at yahoo dot co dot uk.

Ian White said...

Sorry... ianwhite63 etc...