Monday, 13 April 2009

Saracen Baggage and a mini-project.

The last pieces of the 'Crusades Field Battles' project were completed just before Triples 09 and featured in the demo game (the game won second prize - but the competition was of high quality and first prize went to a worthy winner). Although primarily for use with the Saracens they can be used with the Franks, albeit with local attendants.

The figures are Perry and Essex minis. The camels are Perry Beja Warrior camels (the best and cheapest camels I found - unlike most manufacturers Perry charge cavalry prices for camelry - £2.50 each) less riders. The baggage is made from Miliput (very easy job this one), small balsa wood blocks and spears and shields left over from the project. The four 60mm x 120mm stands comprise 12 camels and 10 'people'.

Usually, this would, with all the figures painted, end a project outright, but I have decided to do a mini-project before embarking on my Peninsular collection. This will be 'Crusades Siege Battles'; it will require the painting of very few figures (perhaps 100 - 120, mainly siege engine crew and some dismounted cavalry types to throw into the breach), but a lot of terrain and model building. I need to build 10' of city wall, 8 towers, 2 breaches, 2 destroyed towers, a main gate, a sally port and a lot of city buildings. I also need to construct about a dozen engines, lots of mantlets of various sizes, some earthworks and possibly a couple of 'temporary forts'. I'll keep you posted on progress and hope to include a few posts on construction.


David said...

Looks very good.

Have you thought of taking your game North of the Border ?

Carronade is on th 9th May at Falkirk and I am sure you would be welcome

Graham said...

I am impressed by your definition of a mini-project.

I know you will have done extensive background reading already, but if it is of any use I have a copy of 'Ancient and Medieval Siege Weapons' by Konstantin Nossov that has some excellent illustrations. The translation is a bit dodgy mind you.



Hi Graham,

I too have a copy of that volume. I love remainder book shops!

valleyboy said...

I've had a lovely afternood looking at your crusades project. Thank you