Friday, 5 June 2009

Pike & Plunder version 2 now on sale.

Pike and Plunder version 2.0 (by yours truly and edited by Martin Stephenson of Vexillia Limited) is now available as a down loadable PDF. It is an Italian Wars campaign for 2 to 4 players - battles being fought on the table-top with rules of choice. Campaign moves are playable by email to free up time for the all important table-top encounters.

The package includes rules (32 pages), card stock (84 unique Pike and Plunder playing cards), A4 map and A2 Map (or US equivalent) with playing counters for both. The cost is £5.
I am available to answer any questions about Pike and Plunder here or on the Pike and Plunder blog site:
A full Pike and Plunder campaign will also be starting shortly and its progress will be fully reported on both blogs.
If you like the sound of Pike and Plunder, or have a general interest in wargame campaign systems / mechanics and are looking for something different, follow the link below:


David said...

Will the 2 player version work well without an umpire ?


Hi David,

Yes. An umpire is not required at all in face to face play.

Each 'turn' players get dealt a hand of cards. Everything you want to do and can do is strictly governed by these campaign cards, so any secrets you have are, quite literally, in your hand. There is absolutely no order writing etc.

Only in an email campaign is an umpire or 'honest player' required, as he would hold the master card deck and tell each player what cards he has drawn for the turn.

Hope this helps.

I'm going to be running a 4 player email campaign, as umpire, in about a week or so. All of the battles will be fought out at my house by different players - I only know the 'campaign players' through chat groups - I don't even know where three of them live!

This method of getting extra players is a possibility for those without a larger group of local regular players to hand.