Saturday, 1 August 2009

A new project is underway!

At the end of the Crusades project, which I finished in March, I promised myself a year off to do some bits and pieces for my non-project projects (the little things I do, such as ancient naval) that I usually reserve for when a major project begins to stagnate. But wouldn't you know it, out of the blue comes an offer that is just too good to pass up: Renegade's Unit Deals offer.

The 2nd Punic War has always been on my to do list, but I was saving it for later in life. With such a great offer I have been unable to resist doing it now. So, the bank balance is taking the hit and next week I will have completed the first phase of any project - buying all of the figures I think I might require for the conflict on the continent of Europe. I have decided to do the 2nd Punic War as four armies, Roman, Gallic, Spanish and Carthaginian. The latter covers the African elements needed for the Wars in Europe; only by adding Spanish and Gallic elements can it achieve full muster. If you disagree with my breakdown (remember it is not for the Wars on the continent of Africa) don't hesitate in putting your view or amendments - as I say I will not be putting the final order in until next week.

Two Consular Armies (so I can do justice to Cannae as a demo game at shows)

Equites: 5 units of 9

Triarii: 8 units of 12
Principes: 8 units of 24
Hastati: 8 units of 24
Velites: 8 units of 16

TOTAL: 37 units - 704 infantry & 45 cavalry (not including command elements).

A largish Gallic army so that it can stand alone for battles in Transalpine Gaul. Carthaginian elements will be drawn from this army.

Gallic Cavalry: 5 units of 9

Gallic Warriors: 12 units of 24
Gallic Skirmishers: 3 units of 16

TOTAL: 20 units - 336 infantry & 45 cavalry (not including command elements).

A largish Spanish army capable of fighting alone. Carthaginian elements will be drawn from this army.

Spanish Cavalry: 4 units of 9

Spanish Scutarii: 10 units of 24
Spanish Craetarii: 3 units of 16
Balearic Slingers: 2 units of 16

TOTAL: 19 units - 320 infantry & 36 cavalry (not including command elements).

Using units from the Spanish and Gallic armies this can be a very large army.

Carthaginian Cavalry: 1 unit of 9
Libyan Cavalry: 1 unit of 9
Numidian Cavalry: 6 units of 9

Libyan / Peoni Spearmen: 6 units of 24
Numidian Skirmishers: 3 units of 16

Elephants: 8 stands of 1 elephant and crew.

TOTAL: 15 units - 192 infantry, 72 cavalry & 8 elephants (not including command elements).

GRAND TOTAL: 91 units - 1552 infantry 198 cavalry & 8 elephants (not including command elements).

My end date for completion (all painted) is November 2011.


BigRedBat said...

An ambitious project!

I like some of the Renegade ranges (Celts are great, Romans are OK, the Triarii are nice), but can't abide others (Carthaginians, Spanish and anyone on a horse). If I were you, before making a really big purchase, I'd get a sample or two of the latter to check that you are happy with them.

I have a part-painted Renegade Roman army that isn't getting finished because I keep finding nicer figures I want to paint first...

Cheers, Simon

Donogh said...

Ambitious project (as always!)
Maybe consider getting something appropriate to Italian allied contingents from the south?

Bluebear Jeff said...

A very ambitious project indeed. I wish you good luck.

-- Jeff

Scott Robertson said...

James can't wait to see the finished result especially if they are as half a good as your previous stuff. What are using to play to play the period, are you using Archon or a FOB variant? I have just started to rebase my own stuff for Archon but have tried to keep it usable for WAB (most of the guys still like it). I am using the 15mm basing but with double the depth (40mm frontage and 40 depth for foot 3-4 figures and 40mm frontage and 60mm depth for cavalry 2 figures). How are you doing the Punic Wars, is it similar to your Crusader stuff? Cheers Scott
Blog: WabRamblings

billb said...

Overall the armies look fairly good. However, the number of Carthaginian or Lybian cavalry in Europe would have been rather limited. There is no mention of separate units of them in Spain or Hannibal's campaign in Italy.

Consul said...

This must have cost a pretty penny!

I'm like their untrained elephant (Numidian) and the Libyan veteran spearmen.

I'm going to buy some of their Celts (I think they must be the best figures available online) for use as a Salluvii/Ligurian army as you get more figures for half the price of buying them from Gripping Beast! Although it would only be a 500 pt army to start with.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Consul, you might want to buy soon; the Renegade prices are about to go up. If you just need the celts, I have 30 or 40 spare and could do you an even cheaper deal.
cheers, BRB

Consul said...
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Consul said...

I removed the previous post as it included my email address.