Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Punic Wars - some skirmish types

I've just got around to putting last month's painting onto bases. Here they are, 112 figures in all, and all are Renegade.

Four units of Spanish catrati. These are very effective skirmishers capable of skirmishing with javelin or, in an emergency, with the sword. I've decided to distinguish this type of skirmisher by basing then 3 to a stand / 12 to a unit. My Roman velites are similar.

Four units of tribal Libyan skirmishers. These are proper skirmish types. I've decided to distinguish them from 'up and at 'em' skirmishers by basing them 2 to a stand / 8 to a unit. I was a bit unsure about the flesh tone to use for these guys. They are, as far as I can gather, native to Africa rather than Carthaginian imports, so I've given them a very dark (but not black) skin tone.

Four units of Balearic slingers. Again these are proper skirmish types. When it comes to purely missile troops these guys are Creme de la Creme.
Next up it will be more cavalry - Numidians and Spanish - plus some command stands. I'll also try and get everything based up for the first game - Trebia at half final scale - involving most of the first 700 figures.

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