Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Some new ships

These are some merchant ships for my ancient galley collection. The ones with the white stern posts are Xyston ships. The ones with 'wood' stern posts are my own castings from the mould featured in a previous post. They will definately do!!

I had to paint these up for a photo shoot at my place next Monday. Dan from Wargames Illustrated is coming for lunch and to photograph the Battle of Rhium for an upcoming article by Neil Smith.



Bluebear Jeff said...

They look great, James!

-- Jeff

Rodger said...

Brilliant. Both types look great.

A J said...

Excellent work!

Emilio said...

Which bases do you use? Yours are like someones I bought at, but mine are small for my Skytrex 1/600 ships.

Emilio said...

Sorry, I can´t find the Fleet of Battle rules at the Piquet Yahoo group. May you help me?


Hi Emilio,

Fleet of Battle was temporarily removed from the Piquet site when it was published in Wargames Illustrated. It is now back (as of now) in the files section as an MS Word doc., or it is available as a free PDF download from Wargames Illustrated.

The bases are balsa wood (home made) and are 75mm long and 32mm wide. After cutting out the balsa bases, but before the ship is glued on prior to painting, the balsa base is sandwiched between two sheets of paper glued on with PVA: This adds strength.

Hope that helps.


Emilio said...

Thanks James, very helpfull.