Sunday, 22 January 2012

Go Telyermum!

I will, of course, be using the Ager Proelii rules set recently published in Miniature Wargames (issue 345 January 2012) to fight this Telamon style scenario.
After deployment, I rolled D12s for army die and command quality for each side’s command group leaders. The Gallic army came off best with a D12 army die and sequence deck. The Romans got a D10 army die and deck. Leadership rolls were very average for both sides.

Next I totted up the unit integrity of both armies. The Gallic army mustered only 100 unit integrity points. The combined Roman armies mustered a whopping 150 unit integrity. This disparity is largely due to the larger units making up the Gallic army – larger units gain a smaller number of unit integrity in relation to their size than ‘standard’ sized units.

Dividing the unit integrity value by 12 gave the number of army characterisation cards that each army would receive: Gallic 8. Roman 12.

The characterisation cards gave the Gallic army 43 army morale chips (poker chips in the photo) and two characterisation sequence cards – Wild Card and Aggressive.

Note that the pictured sequence cards are not the ones published with the rules in Miniature Wargames (which are quite plain), these are my personal decks (for my own use) that feature pictures downloaded from google images. Covering my arse, I think they might not be all available under copyright permissions – but who knows?

The Romans got 61 army morale chips and three characterisation sequence cards – Like Hail, Deft Cavalry, and By Saturn!!

The game is now set to go. I’ll leave you with a few extra close up shots.


Brent said...

Absolutely beautiful! Great stuff, James.

James said...

Love your graphic sense and presentation. Also your armies look a lot bigger than the numbersgiven in the previous post!

Gunny Highway said...

Cant wait to see the outcome. Love the rules! Any chance you could create a file to download your card graphics?



Sgt Steiner said...

Mouth watering as always


Hi Gunny H, email me off list.

Rodger said...

Very very impressed!

Emilio said...

Very nice!!
May you explain the basing system you use? It looks interesting.

Gunny Highway said...

Any chance your considering a Punic Wars campaign or perhaps Caesar vs. the Celts? Using your campaign rules of course.....


Paul´s Bods said...

When does the "clash" start!?


Hi Paul and all, unfortunately my camera memory stick thing, with the pics of the first nights play, was deleted before I downloaded - for reasons beyond belief but including the fact I'm an idiot. We will have to run the game again sometime.

However, the game was much closer than expected until the Gauls finally collapsed and slaughter ensued.

Next week Peter and I will be playing the board game "Hannibal" with a view to using it as the basis of a 2nd Punic War campaign.