Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Am I a 'pin-up' ?

After some thought I decided to go for the map and pin route for our 2nd Punic War Campaign.

I have managed to find a Hannibal: Rome Vs Carthage map on the Internet. It seems not to be an original map, but one made up in a simpler format. Anyway, it was the only one I managed to print at a reasonable size (for some reason). Sticky tape not withstanding, I like it quite a lot.

I quickly knocked up some army roster sheets and found a couple of envelopes for putting any cards not used in the campaign turn between battles. Set.....

...Set, well nearly....

......I discovered that I was woefully short of pins for this campaign. 

I think that indicator pins, the ones with a circular paper centre, are essential for this campaign. These have previously been too expensive for me to consider, usually coming in at £3.50+ for a pack of 10 in 5 colours. For this game I would need 5 packs (I want only red and blue pins) with, including postage, a cost of close to £20. This is half the cost of the original boxed game! However, with Lady Luck shining on me, I managed to find a supplier knocking said 10 pin boxes out with a 90+% discount. I bought 10 boxes (100 pins - 20 of each colour) for £7.00 with postage. This is double what was required, it is true, but I have learnt over time to bag bargains when I see them, and double what I need. I purchased these through Hunt Office Technology (not tested on animals - LOL).

I also found myself short of plain push pins. This came as a bit of a surprise because I thought I had collected hundreds of the bloody things over the years - but not so (less than 30 of each colour in fact). But, I'm not short now; I bought 600 in various colours in a single pot for £6.00, free postage, from eBay. I was a little worried about these being so cheap, but the quality (for things costing 1p each) is very good.

So now I am set. I just need to finish the armies. 2000 figs painted, less than 300 to go!

I'm a'bustin'!


Phil Broeders said...

Looking forward to updates on this. We started our DBA Mediterranean campaign a couple of weeks ago (Romans, Carthos, Successors etc.) and its a hoot.

Hope yours is the same.

Gunny Highway said...

Good luck James! Really looking forward to seeing how the campaign is cycled between miniatures and the game board....



Guidowg said...

This looks fantastic, I'm very interested to see it unfold. Do you have a set number of players per side? or will there be just two playing?