Friday, 25 May 2012

The Battle of Panormus 211 BC - deployments

Nero set sail from Rome to Sicily. His forces were a standard consular army of two legions and two ala (6 CU). He landed at Panormus and deployed to meet Gisgo close to the coast before he could withdraw. Gisgo had with him a small mixed force plus a contingent of hoplites from allied Syracuse (4 CU).

The Romans. A standard consular army. 
The Roman characterisation cards.

54 morale points plus three characterisation cards.

Note the Stratagem card: Definition draw a King - Reinforcements Flank.

The off table reinforcements (an extra 25% of the strength of the 'original' army). They will arrive (along the short side of the table - flanking) sometime after the Stratagem is turned.

We decided these should represent the largely Greek garrison of Messana.

8 morale points plus a characterisation card.
 The Carthaginian force.
The Carthaginian characterisation cards.

50 morale points plus one characterisation points.

For the first time in this campaign Peter (Rome) is feeling confident. I wonder why?



fireymonkeyboy said...

I have to say, I'm really enjoying watching this campaign unfold. The map / event card combination is engaging.

BigRedBat said...

Looks great!

pancerni said...

Should be a good one...for the Romans.