Wednesday, 17 October 2012

More SYW stuff painted


First up, another unit of Russian Hussars. This is my Venguerski Regiment, in a very fetching red. As with the last regiment of hussars I painted, this unit is along the lines of, 'on a budget', make do and mend. Firstly, they should be wearing tall fur hats, not these short ones. Secondly, I only have 7 of them, so to fill the space I used one of my precious Prussian horse casualties. I'm not sure where the hussar's horse came from, but the pose, after a bit of leg bending, was most useful and fitted the figure very well. Anyway two more shots of the unit, front and back.

Next up, my last battery of Russian guns (I still have a battery of secret howitzers and a battery of unicorns to do). This too is the product of a few eBay purchases, in that the stands came from at least three sources - guns, crew, infantry figs. And this begs a very big question: Why, given that artillery crew for guns was standardised, amongst the fraternity, years ago, at 4 figures per gun, did Wagames Foundry decide to do their crew packs in sixes? Anyway, I used a couple of spare infantry figures, the ones in white waistcoats, to make up the difference.

I now only have 6 Russian units in stock - another regiment of line infantry, and the five units (4x 36 fig line, and 1x 24 fig grenadier) of Observation Corps. Later, I'll finish off with the howitzer batteries (x2) and two more regiments of cavalry (1x dragoon, 1x horse dragoon) with purchases from Front Rank.

I have now done 31 of the 41 units. The end, as they say, is in sight.



PS, these Russians will not be taking on all of those Romans alone!

Dmitri Kononenko said...

Great! I love this painting - simple and very stylish. Excellent!

pancerni said...

They look good, clever use of the casualty figure, as well.

fireymonkeyboy said...

I really like these. What paint(s) are you using for the red?


These are humbrol enamel 60 (scarlet) with 33 (black) mixed for dark shades and 154 (yellow) for light shades.

Gonsalvo said...

The hussars look great!

Actually, I use three crew figures per stand (four for 12#'s) and have for years, so six figures per pack works for me! Actually, I usually get Sash and Saber (10/pack) or Old Glory (20/pack).