Saturday, 23 March 2013

Another batch of gendarme types

As followers will know, I recently painted up 24 wargames Foundry men-at arms for my Italian Wars collection. I think the heavy cavalry for this period is fantastic, so I don't mind spending a little time making them look a bit special. This brings my men-at-arms numbers up to 15 units (120 figures).

Here is a reminder of that first batch.

It was the first batch of two planned batches. They would be mixed together for plenty of variation in colour and pattern.
This week I finished batch two, and I based them up today. Here are both batches together. 
I also included a couple of extra figures for men-at-arms command stands.

The batch was 26 figures in total.

I decided to carry on with the 'geometric pattern' approach in an effort to save time.

This was important as the second batch had twice as many figures riding barded horses!

As well as using the usual stripes, quarters and checks, I decided to pinch a a simple geometric petal design that I have used previously used on 'eastern / oriental' cavalry. It worked well, and was easy peasy to do once I worked out where to put the first 'flower' - mid top back, and front boss.

Below are some close ups of some of the more interesting figures in batch two. During the basing process (in the drying times) I painted up five new cavalry standards. These are all interchangable of course - they are on 3/32 tubing slotted over 0.047 gauge piano wire 'poles'.


pancerni said...

Very nicely done!

DeanM said...

Fantastic looking figures! Absolutely lovely. Best, Dean

yorkie said...


They look great,


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...



Phil said...

Fantastic looking troops, very very impresive!

Robert Hingley said...

Beautiful work. I am amazed by your output.

Gunny Highway said...

Not to be OT but getting ready to paint 48 triarii for my romans. I have studied your painting techniques on your velite painting tutorial..... I was impressed that you did those in about 20 minutes on average per figure. I call it the "Roach Approach"! :) If you dont mind I will let you know how they turn out. Not saying it will be easy, as you have done it for years but I really like the style...


Gunny Highway said...

Another OT! Just found Fleet of Battle articles and charts; etc. Look forward to using them to flesh out my Punic war campaign... Have the Roman Seas rules, but were not my cup of tea....



good luck with the triarii, and please do let me know if the "Roach Approach" (LOL) works for you.