Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Three Kings - first night's play.

Here are a few shots of the positions achieved at the end of last night's play. So far there has been a clash between British armour and the Kradschutzen Btn around the King of Diamonds, an air raid, and several crashes of British artillery. The game is two full turns in. The British still have two units, and the Germans one unit, to arrive next turn. Battle is about to become general.

The Germans are entering on a narrow front of about 2.5km width which is, historically, about right. It looks as though they have chosen The King of Diamonds and The King of Clubs as their primary objectives. Currently, their only opposition is a single British tank regiment, which is slowly withdrawing in the face of superior numbers.

The British have entered on a wider front and are obviously going for The King of Hearts and The King of Clubs. Their right hook is miles from the action, but it is moving up quickly. The first shot, looking towards The King of Hearts shows an infantry battalion in a wadi backed by a regiment of 25pdr (one of which was taken out by Stuka). The second shot shows the British right hook, rounding the King of Hearts, moving towards the Germans advancing on The King of Clubs. 

The above shots were taken today. The following shots were taken last night during play. The first shows the British moving up the wadi, deployed 25pdrs, and Crusader tanks moving on The King of Diamonds. The second shows Germans moving on The King of diamonds just prior to their Kradschutzen Btn. being caught out by the British armour shooting them up whilst 'bussed'. The last shot shows the air raid.


BTW. I'm currently having some difficulty with cursor control on this blog, so please excuse any spelling mistakes, the font, and so forth.


BigRedBat said...

War porn! Terrific.

Dalauppror said...

Stunning game !!!

Congratulation to the 400 ! Followers!

Best regards Michael

William Stewart said...

Yes,definitely eye candy but with a purpose. Brilliant, just brilliant!

Al said...

Cool game, great pictures