Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Battle of Sidi Rezegh (day 2) in full swing.

Here are some shots of the battle at the end of last night's play. I can't believe that the table, for Command Decision, is only 6 x 6; even on a 10 x 6 it looks quite crowded.
British and German armour engages west of the aerodrome. The Germans are tearing into the British tanks.
 A regiment of A15 Crusaders from 22nd Armoured Brigade rushes through a gun line of 2pdr AT guns still on their portees. 
 5th Panzer Regiment, fans out across the desert, supported by an 88 which has quickly been brought into action. The regiment is advancing on a front of 1500m. 
 On the northern (left) flank of 5th Panzer Regiment, more close support artillery comes into the fray.
 Around the aerodrome the British are forming a second defensive area - they have lost 'B' and the first German infantry are, in limited numbers, above the second escarpment.
 British 25pdrs of 60th and 4th field regiments cluster around the aerodrome.
 Below the second escarpment the Germans, of Group Knabe, are renewing their attack after initially being repulsed.
On point 'A' a company of 1st KRRC and command and control elements are the last defenders holding the escarpment. 
The Germans move on 'B' (central) with close artillery support. It is the German artillery, including the 210cm Morser 18s firing from Belhamed, that have done the killing - the German infantry is advancing on empty positions.

Last night was one of the only times I have ever felt sorry for Peter. He only won 10% of the initiative, and Graham was winning it in big numbers including a runs of over 40 initiative points. Next week will see the conclusion because both sides are now quite low on morale chips. 'B' has fallen to the Germans. 'A' is destined to fall due to the artillery concentrations that are bound to fall on it. It will come down to who holds 'C'. My money, is on a hard fought draw.


WarRaptor said...

What a great looking game! I always love seeing your game room and your layouts!

Epictetus said...

A much less comprehensive review complete with no relevant photographs whatsoever can be found here

Chris Stoesen said...

Nice looking game.

Mike said...

Nice start to this game, great looking miniatures and table.
I've played a lot of Command Decision and some games have been crowded, although we normally play on a 9'x5' table.

Sgt Steiner said...

Crowded yes but still looks superb

Tarty said...

Fantastic !!!... inspiring stuff.

Chris Kemp said...

Your comment about 'looking too crowded' set me to thinking, as your spacing is about the same as the old John Sandars models, but looks quite different :

I wondered if the tonal difference between the vehicle/figure bases and the board might be what is bulking out your kit visually.

JS achieved his results by not basing and using real sand to lose the models in the terrain. I wouldn't advocate that approach myself, but would a closer base to board tone might achieve the same result, do you think?

Kind regards, Chris.

Bedford said...

Fab looking game!!



Thanks all.

Chris, a very interesting thought, but I'm too far along with the collection (probably about half way with the Germans and Brits) to change the bases - I'm more likely to change the table.

Chris Kemp said...

I've produced a short piece here : to clarify my own thoughts, but I wouldn't suggest repainting anything unless it bothers you, and given your superb painting standard, I can't see why it would :O)

I'm about a quarter way through painting my stuff and probably will be for ever!

Kind regards, Chris