Thursday, 3 October 2013

Battle Report: Ecnomus 256 BC

 The Roman consuls lead the first two squadrons against the Carthaginian centre.
They are drawn towards Hamilcar like moths to a flame, and the rear of their line is caught by the Carthaginian left wing squadron as it advances towards the Roman rear.
First blood to Carthage.
The Romans press onward regardless, whilst, in their rear transports are cut loose and the Romans try to form some kind of defence against the ships on the Carthaginian's wings which are closing quickly.
The consuls and Hamilcar' squadron clash for the first time. The Roman corvus proves its worth, as two Carthaginian fives fall almost without a struggle.
But the consul led squadrons are being doubly enveloped. It is now a race to see who can take advantage first.
The Gods favour Carthage - Ba'alocks!
Most devastatingly on the left. Here, on a single cruise card, a Carthaginian vessel shatters one consul's ship and, carrying its momentum through the wreckage, comes close to sinking the other.  
In the Roman rear the ships of the Carthaginian left get in amongst the Roman ships, raking them as they do so.
The action is now two distinct and separate battles. The Romans van is being crushed. In the rear they are fighting back. Hanno hangs off the Roman quarter ready to pounce.
Then a minor miracle, the Carthaginian ships of the left wing fail a squadron morale test (Fire, Flee, Flood card at half strength) - they flee.
Hanno's ships enter the fray with a successful rake on several ships of the 'triarii'.
The Roman van is now almost completely destroyed and Hamilcar is sending ships to support the attack on the Roman rear.
Having successfully raked the Roman ships of the 'triarii' Hanno's squadron deftly moves and turns his ships to face the Roman rear.
But the Carthaginians have used up most of their move cards and the Romans retaliate before they can fully press their advantage
Hanno is sunk! Hanno's squadron is at half strength. Oh Neptune, give them a Fire Flee Flood card - fat chance.
The Romans begin to reorganise their rear.
They advance towards Hamilcar and prepare for the final stand.
Hamilcar initiates the final act. The battle begins again in earnest.
The Romans are outfought, rammed......
......and sunk!

Carthage wins!

As with most Fleet of Battle games, this action was fast and furious. It was also subject to the best die rolls I think I've ever seen Peter make. He didn't ram and hole me as usual - possibly giving me time to make repairs on seamanship cards - he shattered my timbers at every turn. As my consuls took their final drink of Old Briny, I bet they gurgled "There is something wrong with our galleys today."

We will do this all again next week, partly because I don't have time to set much else up at the moment, partly because it is great fun.


Steve J. said...

Great looking game and certainly fast and furious.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Beautiful models (!) and good BatRep.

Iván said...

Awesome! such a great work

Iván said...

Awesome! such a great work

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John said...

Just fantastic...I've never seen an ancients naval battle! What brand are the ships?


They are Xyston 1:600