Thursday, 8 May 2014

Last Run Through Before Triples

Well, having painted and based everything, I set the game to make the deployment map and assign unit qualities. Having spent time doing this it would be silly to just pack it all up again. So last night Peter J. (taking Prussia) and Graham H. (taking Russia) went at it again. Peter decided to be feisty and in a little over two hours play the game had progressed nicely. Next week we'll finish it off before I pack it all up for the demo-game at Sheffield Triples.

Here are some pics of the set up and last night's play.

The Russian right.
Most of the field
The Observation Corps under Browne
The Saltykov's (front line) and Galytsin's (rear line) infantry. 

Fermor (C-in-C) is lurking by his coach ready to make his get away - and yes, there is a "He's gone mad!" card in the Russian deck. He rolls D12 versus the turn number, if he doesn't beat it he seeks business elsewhere and another "Command indecision" card is added to the Russian deck.
The right.

The water features have been repainted this morning in readiness for varnishing, they now look much, much darker and look slower running.
Demiku's cavalry on the right (now based)
Schorlemer's cavalry on the Prussian right
Dohna's refused right wing infantry.
Kanitz's infantry has veered off towards the Stein Busch. I begins the battle having just passed through the gun line.
 At the rear, is Marschal's cavalry (now it has card underlay too, see below, to show it starts the game off table).
The cavalry commands of Seydlitz and Malachowski. Seydlitz is off table. I refuse to scrabble about under the table looking for boxes full of troops when there is enough space to have them on show and easily accessible.
Just beyond and to the left of Kanitz, Manteuffel's infantry have passed beyond the insignificant Fuchsberg - I changed it to an even smaller mound this morning. Beyond are the Russians, thousands of 'em.
Looking towards the Russian centre beyond the Stein Busch
 The Prussians go forward.
 They make great progress, smashing holes in the Russian front line, but they are getting battered in the process.
 Feisty, feisty!

 Russian counter attack. Gaugreben's cavalry smash through Manteuffel's line.
 The Russians launch infantry in support, but their cavalry has gone down under cannister fire.
 Kannitz is trading with the Russian centre in a bloody firefight.
Those Russians (their right) are looking feisty too now. It is the end of the second turn.

Thank you for your encouragement in getting this lot done in time. There were moments when brush and hammer looked similarly attractive.


Sgt Steiner said...

Running out of ways of saying super

John said...

just mind blowing stuff- how many ways can you say 'awe-inspiring'??

Robert Herrick said...

Very glad you went with the brush and not the hammer!

THe collection looks splendid.

James said...

That's dead sexy, that is!

warpaintjj said...

I always love your stuff - very colourful and pretty, but this lot maybe your best yet. Have fun Jeremy

grecian1959 said...

Very very impressive James .i sadly won't get to see it though -as i can't make Triples this year otherwise its a table I'd hover over for the 2 days :-)
What rules are you using and may I ask whats the table dimensions? Peter


Pity you can't be there, you could have thrown some dice.

We will be using heavily amended classic Piquet and Cartouche 1 supplement.

I have booked a 16 x 6 table. My table (pictured) is 14' 8" x 6'. Go here to find out why the odd size:

Paul Robinson said...

Really looking forward to seeing this in the flesh at the weekend

Colin said...

Looking forward to saying hello and seeing the game in the flesh on Saturday.

fireymonkeyboy said...

How did I miss this when first posted?!?

Gorgeous table, just wonderful stuff. Love seeing you do stuff in this period.