Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Enthused, what the hell does that mean?

You might well ask.

I've just come back from one of the best war game's weekends I've ever been on. Right now I should be buying figures, I should be making roads, rivers, hills.....Nope.

I looked at the huge table I played on last weekend and thought about the patch of beige that has intersected my own table since I added the permanent extension.....

Yesterday I went down to my local hardware shop (I'm lucky to have a good one) and bought some 20mm half round moulding for the table edge and a couple of 250ml match pots. A few hours later I had a new sea scape (15 x 6) and a table that no longer snags clothes. The moulding cost more than I'd hoped because the 8 foot length was two inches shorter than the eight foot of edge - so I had to buy two. However, being able to buy match pots enabled me to paint the 'extension' for less than £4.00, so swings and roundabouts.

I didn't know you could get any colour you like by Dulux in 250ml pots before yesterday. Wow! I went back today and bought several more, in several weird colours that confused the shop assistant no end.  I don't dare to think what he thinks the walls in my house look like!

My wife does not like most painted war game tables because they are too plain. I can help her with this by the simple addition of 'borders'. Apparently, according to my wife, a nice border makes a gaming table a piece of furniture [grin].

The picture of the sea doesn't accurately portray the actual colour, which is more like the colour in this shot. It is Dulux Azure Fusion 2, code: 70BG 11/257.


Iván said...

Did you made the shelves yourself too?, they seem aesome

Spiderweb of History said...

Good idea! One I shall file away for when I get my Wargames basement!