Thursday, 28 May 2015

Chotusitz, AAR, part 2

Yesterday Peter and Graham went at it again in the Chotusitz game. 

 It wasn't long before Frederick's Prussian infantry arrived.
The Austrians had brought their reserve line through their front line in expectation but the Prussians. But from their arrival they extended beyond their flank. 

This was the historic position. The Austrians were committed before Frederick made his move.
The cavalry battle had spent both forces so this wing was desperately exposed.

Out of over two dozen cavalry regiments deployed, only three were still effectively in the field.
 The Prussians came on in grand style and a fierce exchange of musketry resulted.
 But, that exposed flank.
 It wasn't a surprise when Frederick's troops turned onto it.
 The Austrians rushed Grenzers from the western flank to interdict the Prussian manoeuvre but the Prussians ignored the sniping and came on.

The Grenzers were rolling big dice but kept rolling low - the situation was similar for the Grenzers shooting from Chotusitz on the other wing.
 The position was looking desperate for the Austrians.
 The Austrians, outflanked, began to collapse.
 The Austrian line crumbled without pause until a failure of major morale resulted in an undisputed Prussian victory.
The Austrians had done quite well (historically speaking). They had routed Leopold and were within reach of occupying Chotustiz and reforming a defensive line with which to hold Frederick. However, the Prussian reserves arrived on time, in the right place, and with a following wind (the cards in the Prussian sequence deck fell very kindly). A battlefield victory to the Prussians.

Next up, a battle using Simon's To the Strongest rules. Rome and Carthage will take the field again.


Simon Miller said...

My rules, eh! I'll look forward to that. :-)

The Prussians and Austrians look splendid, I do envy your collection!

Flags of War said...

Looks awesome

Flags of War said...

Awesome looking game

Paul Robinson said...

A most stirring sight. Excellent.

carojon said...

What a lovely collection James, great stuff

Stéphane said...

Awasome pictures !
I like very much the bases because we could not see them on the table. We are seeing only miniatures. I like that.


Capt Bill said...

Great eye candy indeed!!!Bill

Der Alte Fritz said...

This is the epitome of linear warfare and a lovely sight to behold.

Colorado Gamer said...

A great looking game. Nothing says linear warfare better than 24 figure units in double ranks.
-Greg C.