Sunday, 3 January 2016

Austrian infantry painted

Today I finished painting my SYW Austrian infantry. There are sixteen units of German line infantry; three units of Hungarian line infantry; three units of Grenadiers (including one Hungarian unit); eight units of Grenzers. The line and grenadiers are each twenty four figures strong whilst the Grenzers are in units of eight figures. Each line unit represents a regiment sized 'unit', the Grenzer units represent a single battalion.There are 592 infantry in total and, in a later post (when I've finished the cavalry), I'll do a complete unit ID roll call of the army.

Several units still need basing and four need flags.

The last units painted were two eight figure units of Grenzer. They are from the Slavonisch-Brooder and Slavonisch-Peterwardeiner regiments. As with all my Grenzer I chose to paint a single battalion from each of the eight regiments I chose to do. These two Slavonisch regiments were very plain so I had to cut and file away the lace on their coats and sleeves. I also painted Slavonisch-Gradiskaner (some time ago) which stands out from these regiments by being very ornately dressed. I omitted doing any battalions from the Banal Regiments or Karlstadter-Ottochaner

So, I'm running slightly behind schedule: I still have a handful of cavalry units to finish. Fortunately they are only eight figures strong so I should have them finished in a couple of weeks. 

I put in an order with Front Rank for a load more Napoleonic stuff on Christmas Eve and I'm itching to get started on a that new project. I'm not going to be overly ambitious on this. I plan on painting thirty six units in the first year and thirty six in the second: A two year project, done and dusted; then onto the Sudan for which I got my first two books at Christmas.


Paul Robinson said...

terrific collection there James.

Fritz II. said...

That's a really very impressive army of Austrians. I'm envious because I just would like to have such an army, too.
Following your blog lets me know that there are also complete Russian and Prussian armies in your collection.
And by the way - these figures are eyecandy, too.

Paul "TuffSkull" T. said...

Always inspirational looking at your collections. Thanks for posting. Can't wait to see the cav an your next project!

Steve J. said...

Very, very impressive work!

David said...

A wonderful achievement James. Looking forward to more of your work.