Thursday 23 June 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg: The Battle of Aussig. Deployments and initial moves.

Last night Peter and Graham turned up at the usual time of 8.45pm. We had a brief discussion of the campaign thus far and then got down to dicing for unit qualities, dealing out army characterisation cards and sketching deployment maps.

Peter deployed his Prussians largely in the norther sector of the table with only a cavalry force south of the stream screening his flank.
Graham deployed his Austrians, which outnumber the Prussians 3:2, rather more equally but also with the bulk of his troops north of the stream. 

Graham decided to post a strong cavalry reserve behind his centre. It's funny how a campaign game, with the possibility of post battle pursuit can change the way players think about things.
The Prussians kick things off with a general advance onto the large plateau that dominates most of the table in the northern sector.   

The Prussians score an early success when their heavy battery catches the Austrian heavy battery limbered. It is dispatched; its gunners rally and return to their guns; it is dispatched again.
At the top of the slopes the Prussians stall. The Austrians begin an attack of their own. 

In the top right hand corner of this shot you can see Graham's cavalry is beginning to move towards the northern flank.
South of the stream the Austrians advance infantry and guns and the Prussians begin a move into the open expanses of the southern sector.

The Austrian guns open up and a regiment of Prussian cuirassier is sent packing.
A fierce fire-fight is taking place on the low plateau. 

The Prussians, harassed by effective skirmish fire from Austrian Grenzers have chased them off with some nicely timed bayonet charges.
South of the stream the Prussian cavalry has moved out wide, partly to get away from the Austrian guns.

The Austrian cavalry has moved to cover the flank of their infantry.
 Around the village, the Austrians are launching an assault with their grenadiers. Taking the open village section first might prove decisive - the Prussians have thus far failed to turn the correct card to enter it, even though they have been next to it from the start of the game.

To be continued.......


Gonsalvo said...

Looks gorgeous, as always. Doesn't look to be a cake walk for the forces of Maria Theresa, even with the 3:2 advantage bin numbers.

Steve J. said...

Very nice looking game as always. I do love campaigns as you have to think long term and not sacrifice all of your troops in the first game. Nice to see the players using their cavalry as possible screens if the infantry need to withdraw etc. Looking forward to seeing how this battle finishes.

Steve said...

Beautiful looking game!

TWR said...

Excellent photos with well presented troops, as always.

Fritz II. said...

Outstanding - as always.