Friday, 25 November 2016

TTS Trebbia (2nd game)

Well, I must admit, the changes that Simon has made with regards the Polybian Romans work a treat. 

In our latest game the Romans, even though fatigued (everything was difficult for activation), performed well.
The new rules definitely give an edge to the Roman player, so those wishing to do the earlier stuff might well wish to downgrade most of the Roman troops.
The result of this battle was a draw. The Romans succeeded in breaking through the centre before succumbing to a general army paralysis.

I think Graham knew a draw was on the cards quite early on because most of his attention seemed to be taken up with nocturnal central heating arrangements. Usually, he divides his attention in an attempt to score in all of his matches.
As said, the Romans did succeed in breaking through with their centre and, much against the odds, their cavalry held out on the flanks long enough to enable it.
I must tell you that I now have a particular fondness for TTS when it comes to the Punic Wars. 

I think the rules have the balance pretty much spot on. 

I'm still of a mind to allow the auto-change of principes and hastati on a disorder result, and I think that the 6/5 save should be downgraded in most circumstances for the bulk of Roman / Allied infantry for the pre-Scipio Punic Wars but, on the whole, the new rules are much better than the old ones.

At all points, this game was a good one. Penalising the Romans with the automatic difficulty to activate was a good way to represent Roman fatigue in the battle - it worked brilliantly. Sometimes you can try to be too clever, as in my previous attempt at this battle using TSS, when a very simple 'historical modifier' can be applied using just the basic rule mechanics.

Next week there is no game here, as I'm playing a WW1 game at Graham's, so I'm going to go quiet for a week. However, last weekend, I was at a League of Gentlemen Wargamers bash in Scotland and came away enthused. You can't beat a scenario devised by Charles S Grant and I came home with a beauty. If I can get permission from the 'Old Man' (I can hear him cursing - "If any of you sons of bitches calls me grandpa, I'll kill you." ) I will have a real treat for you with the next scenario game here. If he gives permission (and I think he might - "What are you a fucking weatherman now?"), you'll see it Olicana-ised for the Seven Years War here soon.

Here's hoping, because it's a proper, proper  belter.

EDIT: The game I played was a wonderfully designed scenario for the retreat from Moscow 1812 by Charlie Grant - that would be CSG Jnr (the 2nd, possibly 3rd, 4th, 5th) - who lifted it from grandpa. 

Heads down, incoming!


Gonsalvo said...

Definitely a fan of TtS, but the first version had those very brittle 1 hit Roman units; too brittle. Glad to see the revised army list corrects their weakness in the earlier version.

Caliban said...

Great game, James.

Jay White said...

Beautifully done as always! :-)

ghpainting said...

Magnificent as allways. I dont know why but every time i visit your blog i break down and cry...