Friday, 3 November 2017

Some pics of Zorndorf from Fiasco 2017

Firstly, I'd like to thank Graham for driving the game to the show, and I'd like to thank Kev C. and Bob (L&LS) for volunteering on the day to fight the battle. 

I'd also like to say a special thank you to Martin from War Bases who kindly donated some of his excellent wagon kits for the game. I'll do a post on these after I do the others I picked up at Fiasco.

One benefit of taking a big game to a wargame show is the ability take shots of the whole table from either end (before the punters turn up in force); this is something I can't usually do in my wargame room. The table turned out to be 14' 6" x 6', almost exactly the dimensions of my own table.

Like the show, the game went quiet after lunch and became something of a static display but, it seemed to attract quite a lot of interest and provided some eye candy.

From behind the Russian right. Quartschen should be off table but it serves well to represent the impassable terrain (including the Metzel) to be found in this sector whilst adding height and interest to a generally flat table.
From behind the Russian left. Here, Demiku's cavalry protects the flank of Browne's Observation Corps.

From behind the Prussian right. Scorlemer's cavalry protects the flank of Dohna's infantry.

From behind the Prussian left. Here the cavalry of Sydlitz, Marschall and Malachowski  stands ready to support the attack of Manteuffel and Kanitz.

Following a heavy bombardment (60 dice), the infantry of Manteuffel and Kanitz attack.

On the Prussian right a cavalry battle seems inevitable.

Things started to get historically messy in the Quartschen sector. Three of the Martin's War Bases MDF wagons can be seen in this shot, including one converted into a pontoon wagon - I've just finished making the second - a 'turnip' cart (with home made teddy bear fur 'hay' load), and his wonderful engineers cart with cast resin load. Other carts are by Front Rank, showing just how good the WB ones are and how well they fit in with other commercially available metal stuff.

Dohna and Browne began to contest the Stein Busch whilst the cavalry stood at the ready. You might notice, looking at the field pattern compared to earlier shots, that the fields were a movable feast - something that raised the odd eyebrow on the day. 

Even the pesky Cossacks got in on the act.
Thanks to everyone who dropped by to say hi and ask questions. See you next year.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Words cannot describe the look of your "travel" game. OK, "Stunning" comes to mind but really is inadequate.

Steve J. said...

As always, your games are a feast for the eyes.

pancerni said...

Quite a travel game. Very impressive table and troops. Nice to see the Warbase wagons in the action. Might have to put some on the to do list.

Herkybird said...

Very impressive! Thanks for posting pictures of your wonderful figures!
Well done for hosting such an excellent game, I remember how tiring it is!!

Peter Douglas said...

Absolutely stunning game James! You should be very proud of your efforts.
Cheers, Peter

Willie Anderson said...

Great set up James epic as usual๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€

Gonsalvo said...

Truly a thing of beauty, James. Love the wagons, too!

David said...

Every bit as impressive as I’d expect, well done!

Ken Reilly said...

Superb game as always James, it was nice to stop and chat for a short while too.

Regards Ken
The Yarkshire Gamer