Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Kolin 1757 - Victory conditions and terrain


In my last scenario (Liegnitz) I used a system of victory conditions that I haven't used before. They worked extremely well at focusing the action whilst giving more than one objective to determine the level of victory or loss, so I'm going to use something very similar for Kolin. 

Using victory conditions which direct the action should work well for this battle. In my opinion this battle will work best if Krzeczor Hill and Przerovsky Hill are made the main objectives, with Krzeczor Hill being primary. 

Hulsen's command in front of Krzeczor village, beyond lies the key to the battle Krzeczor Hill.

The game will end when the side not holding Krzeczor Hill throws in the towel at zero army morale points. At that point, if the resigning side holds Przerovsky Hill the game will be a losing draw -because the resigning side gave up - but, a defeat with honour, bands playing, and everyone gets medals. Otherwise the victory goes to the holder of Krzeczor Hill. If the winning side holds both hills the victory is a major one. If the winning side holds all three hills, Pobortz Hill being the third, the victory is truly historic. 

To aid the determination of who holds hills, the summit of each hill has been marked with a red headed drawing pin. To hold a hill, a player must have the closest unit to the pin with no enemy unit within eight inches of it.

Looking south west. In the foreground is Chotzemitz with its defending Grenzers, A depression runs south of Chotzemitz towards the saddle between Krzeczor Hill and Przerovsky Hill. In the distance stands Przeserovsky Hill, bristling with guns and muskets.


The hills are gentle and cause no hindrance to movement. They do not provide a superior position to fire from. Przerovsky Hill and Pobortz Hill provide a superior position when defending, up hill, in melee; Krzeczor hill does not.

I took this shot of the slope running down to the Kaiserstrasse from just west of Krzeczor some years ago.
The slope is about 6%.
The reverse slope of Kreczor Hill looking south west. In a previous post I've mislabelled this shot.
All villages count as Type III town sections for movement and cover. Krzeczor is two adjoining sections, one north one south. The other villages are one section only.
Looking south east across Bristvi towards the Oak Wood. The church, a two section built up area with the forward section manned by Grenzers, is Krzeczor. 
The woods, including Oak Wood, are Type III for movement and cover. 

This is the Thrty Years War Swedish earthwork running west from Krzeczor. It looks big, but the ground scale I'm working at means that it is just part of my village of Krzeczor. One thing is for sure, until you get past it, you can't see the top of the Kreczor Hill. In the mid distance on the extreme right of the photo, and sticking up from the low tree line, stands the Kolin Memorial.
The depressions, at Chotzemitz and Bristwi, are Type III for movement and cover.

Bristvi, a small hamlet in one of the two deep depressions that cut up the battlefield. Down the road is Chotzemitz and the second depression.
The roads are tracks and do not provide movement rate bonuses.

All other terrain has no effect and has been placed for purely scenic reasons.  

Krzecor church. Mark Dudley is on the right, looking for a Prussian bakery.

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