Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Latest additions - Legion Hannovrienne and Du Midi

As mentioned in my last post, these additions were advertised as on the way. Consequently, a very short post on their addition to the muster. Tonight they will go up against the enemy and will no doubt roll a series of ones - well they will do, if Peter gets them.

Legion Hannovrienne. 

This was a legere unit but it wore 'long habit' coat with 'elite company distinctions. Consequently, I have used 'elite company' ligne figures. 

The grenadiers wore bearskins.

Historically, this unit was only five companies strong and lacked a company of voltigeurs.

Not one to count heads, especially as campaign strength frequently differed from 'establishment', I have kept the faith with the 'twenty-four man unit'.

I have to say that French uniform, regardless of colour, has something stylish about it. 

I love French in red. French in red, and not Swiss, very cool.
My Legion Du Midi - A legere unit - caveate emptor

The Grenadiers wore bearskins and the other rank and file wore a long 'habit' coat so I chose to use 'elite company ligne' figures. 

It was only at the latter stage of painting that I realised I had no reference for shako cords. This might mean they didn't have them; it might mean there is no reference to them on campaign. Consequently, because my figures had shako cords, I took a punt on white for chasseurs and green for voltigeurs. This might be very wrong, but I'm not sure, and hey ho, mine do now.

One thing I did have to do, and did, was remove all the tall plumes for the chasseur companies and add a carrot top addition to the round pom poms.

It's a pity I didn't notice, or rather take note of, the lack of cords in the pictures I was looking at before I started.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Beautiful work, James!

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Very, very nice mate, you are a very prolific painter and as always top quality.

Belisarius said...

Lovely looking units and interesting comments . You might consider the Garde de Paris , a 2 x battalion Regiment , one wore red coats faced green and the other the opposite green faced red.


The Garde de Paris is on the list (GMB flags bought), but just the one battalion - 1st, from memory with green facings white coats. Did think about switching it to the earlier but I will also be doing Irlandais (green coats).

My mix will be a bit divers. Originally I had thought to do 'historic formations' but, on seeing what I'd be missing doing so, I've gone 'in theatre' for diversity.

Peter Douglas said...

Lovely work James! I do like the variation on the classic French Nappy figures. The shakos look great with their cords.

roma912 said...

Great work on this unit and interesting background.

Cheers, Ross

Gonsalvo said...

THey look fantastic, James!
“the Colonel has ordered that the Regiment shall wear cords on its shakos, the better to inspire bravery amongst the men.”

David said...

Fine work and splendid productivity too!

Chasseur said...

Excellent work James!

ljr70 said...

Simply gorgeous!