Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Crusades - my latest project.

About 18 months ago I finally decided to put off starting a Napoleonic collection for a couple of years. This was mainly down to my last project, the Great Italian Wars, which put me off the idea of painting complex uniforms for pleasure, for a while. I think it was the Landsknechts – or was it the Gendarmes?

Thus I started collecting figures for the First Crusade and early Kingdom of Jerusalem period. All that mail and little equipment – lovely! My Franks are now well on the way to completion, so I thought I would keep you apprised of the current state of progress.

The Franks
The total collection, that is to say figures ‘in the cupboard’, I may need a few more knights, comprises:

Knights: 2 units. Each 18 figures based on 4 60mm wide 90mm deep stands. (Painted and based)
Hospitallar: 1 half unit. 9 figures based on 2 60mm wide 90mm deep stands.
Turcopoles: 2 units. Each 12 figures based on 4 60mm wide 90mm deep stands. (Painted and based)
Heavy infantry: 5 units. Each 30 figures based on 4 60mm wide 60mm deep stands. Three units have integral crossbows, 2 units have integral simple bows. (Painted and based)
Sailors: 1 unit. 20 figures based on 4 60mm wide 60mm deep stands. (Painted and based)
Pilgrims: 4 units. Each 20 figures based on 4 60mm wide 60mm deep stands.
Command stands: 4. Each 3 – 5 figures based on a 40mm wide 90mm deep stand. (3 painted and based)

FIGURES: All the figures are Perry Miniatures 28mm. All figures painted with enamels, mainly humbrols.

BASES: Bases are 4mm thick ply. Basic scatter is a 50/50 mix of fine child’s sandpit sand and pet shop ground oyster shell grit. Small rocks are cat litter, large rocks are cork. This has been stained with diluted acrylic ink then dry brushed with enamels. Grass scatter is Woodland Scenic stuff, mainly coarse turfs.

The Knights

The Infantry

The Turcopoles

I am now having a break from the Christians and ploughing through a large pile of Saracen cavalry. When the finished product is as numerous as the Franks, I’ll put up some photos and army composition etc.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Very nicely painted figures, sir. And I particularly liked the shields.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Steve said...

...I echo Jeff's comments - I see you paint with enamels (and VERY nicely as well), have you ever been tempted by the acrylic "dark side"??


Hi Steve,

Tried it once. I didn't like the lack of smell, taste, or excuse to buy new clothes.


Seriously, I like my paint to 'cover' in one coat. In my experience only enamels can do this (in all colours, including white and red), especially if you only paint with the neat pigment gunk at the bottom of the tin.