Monday, 9 June 2008

Ravenna. Part 2.

When the players next gathered, the Spanish looked to have a marginal advantage. Apart from the French cavalry that had begun to break through on the Cesena road, the Spanish defences were holding strong………

The initiative was with the Spanish as they deftly swung round their reserve Colunella to face the French cavalry breaking in behind them. They advanced with élan and, at point blank range, poured a volley into the leading squadron of French with some effect. But they had foolishly advanced too far, exposing their flank to the supporting French squadron, and were promptly charged. The result was inevitable. The colunella broke and the French pursued a short distance before being rallied by La Palice. The French were in.

At about the same time the discomfiture of the Spanish was compounded by the arrival of D’Algre’s artillery on the far bank of the Ronco. This immediately proceeded to spray grape shot into the flank of the Spanish cavalry. The shock was all too great (a major morale card was turned by the Spanish – they failed – and five units were forced to check morale). What remained of their gun line, along with the leading unit of Collona’s cavalry and, most importantly, the two forward Colunellas took to panic and flight (never had so many ones and twos been rolled on so many D12s).

The game was up, but the French continued to press. One by one, the Spanish troops within their camp began to break under the pressure of repeated cavalry charges. Collona fell, as did Navarro and the Papal commander.

With their command chain well and truly broken, morale at rock bottom (0 morale points) and the French running amok, the cry went up - “Every man for himself! De Foix is coming to dinner!”

So ended the Ilkley Lads Battle of Ravenna.

For whoever it was that wanted more pics of Gendarmes. Here are a few more of the better ones.

Next time, with the vote having been so close (a Hilary), we will do Gross Jagersdorf.


Steve said...

Magnificent pictures - those gendarmes are something else, but the cream for me is that landschnect doppelsoldner ... lovely! :o))

Frankfurter said...

very lovely work, as usual!
Sounds like an exciting game.
And I'd love to build some of those tents!



At some point I will do something on building what you call tents and I call pavillions. The ones in shot are home made out of card and paper.

When I do I hope to provide templates, but at the moment my software is not up to scratch (I only have basic MS Paint), so
bare with me.