Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Last Islamic command stands done

The last two command stands. All figures are Perry Miniatures.
The first command stand is made up using most of the figures from the seated Sultan pack. I planned on using this pack as the C-in-C pack but had second thoughts - because a seated commander did not look right leading his troops in a charge or in melee. I think this, although still a little passive in nature, and as an extra command stand, looks a little more like it.
The second is my Islamic 'Band Stand'. This is a 'booster stand' which will have special rules. It will allow a commander, to which it is attached, to re-roll his command's movement die; or it will allow any troops within 24" to move to contact on an 'even' movement die roll and melee without recourse to a melee card; on either use the stand goes 'unloaded' - reloading on the next artillery card.

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BigRedBat said...

Phew! What an amazing pair of armies. I do like the band...