Thursday, 12 March 2009

Our Sheffield Triples Game - Preview

Sheffield Triples 09 is approaching faster than s*** flicked off a long stick. It is time to start seriously thinking about what the Ilkley Lads demo game is going to look like. The Ilkley Lads will be short in number for the game so this blog post is also a chance for some volunteer players (The Udder Lads from 'uddersfield) to get a glimpse of the set up before the day - thanks lads.

The Ilkley Lads are playing the game over this week and next to make sure that I have the balance of command quality, deployment, and terrain correct for the big day. The command quality (the randomness that really counts using Ager Sanguinis) was determined randomly, as was morale card draw. The former looks very good (all the command groups are up for it) but the morale chip draw might be tweaked (within the scope of the rules) before the actual demo-game.

The game will be fought from start to finish on each day of Triples 09 (we believe in 1 day games) so if you are attending on the Sunday, don't worry, you are not only going to get the scruffy end of it. Ager Sanguinis is well capable of delivering a result in a game of this size in 4-5 hours.

Anyway, I leave you with some end of first nights play shots to wet your appetite. The only thing missing from the set up at present are the baggage elements, two command stands including the infamous 'Islamic' Band Stand which are currently on the production line, and possibly a few more trees. If you are coming to Triples 09 be sure to pop by and say, hello. I'll be glad to field any questions regarding Ager Sanguinis and where possible, with my knowledge and ideas about Crusader warfare (I'm not an academic), questions about the armies and such, painting tips, terrain construction, etc.

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oldschool said...

Hi James
Fantastic as always. I missed Triples this year, but I am sure the game went down a storm.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you make the roads and rivers you use in your Crusades games. More importantly would you make them on commission?

Secondly, are you still painting commercially? I need to start rebuilding my Wars of the Roses armies having sold the last lot off.

You can email me off-list at patrickconnor AT btconnect DOT com

Give my regards to Mark. Hopefully I will see one or both of you at Partizan. Cheers