Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Another storage solution

Storage. The perennial problem that we all face from time to time.

Finding my wall units (actually DVD /CD cabinets) were full, and my Punic Wars collection had no home to go, to I scanned the net for a new solution. This is what I found. By adding two more shelves (see below) the cabinet will hold all 2000+ figures.

This is a BJURSTA cabinet from IKEA. Bought sight unseen, I am delighted with it. The cabinet stands 179cm high, 80cm wide and 40cm deep. What is more important is the shelf size. These are 76cm wide and 36cm deep - perfect! Each glass shelf is capable of bearing a 25kg (55lbs) load and the cabinet comes with four (making six shelves in total - 2 are wood).

The glass shelves are adjustable and more can be added. Extra shelves are also amazingly cheap at £4 each. Extra shelves cannot be bought on line and they are not linked to the cabinet in the catalogue. Search for 'glass shelves' of the right size - they have their own name (which I can't remember off hand). They are there. This cabinet will have 8 shelves (total) when I can get to IKEA to pick up the extras.

The cabinet comes with a shallow drawer in the middle - perfect for dice and such storage.

So how much are these cabinets? Just £199 each.

Following a new use of rooms, elsewhere in the house, I will be shipping my bookcases out of my war games room into the room next door. The space, you've guessed it, will be taken up by two more of these beauties. Each will have 10 shelves. That will be enough to store six thousand more figures. My figure storage problem, for the next ten or so years is solved!


Bluebear Jeff said...

It looks very useful, sir. Thank you for giving all of us a "heads up" . . . figure storage is always a problem.

-- Jeff

BigRedBat said...

Sooun they will be bjursting with figures! :-)

WABit said...


Darrell here mate. I was chatting to you about the Crusade game at Vappa. I'm contemplating writing up an article for WSS covering Vappa and I was wondering if you'd like to pass on some info about the game?

If you're interested you can contact me at:

darrell dot hindley at googlemail dot com.



Stuart M said...

Oooh IKEA!!!

It's beautiful, I think you should do the whole room, it will be fine, you don't need to eat!