Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Some more Punic Wars stuff

This month it has been hard to find the time to do much painting. As well as commercial painting jobs (I'm booked up until October-ish) I've been working on a series of articles for the wargames press. But I did find a bit of time. Enough to knock out 16 Gallic cavalry (lots on white horses - the stands will all get mixed up together when all 80 are done) and 48 Spanish infantry.

You will note that the shield pallet for the Spanish was limited to 4 colours. When I do the next batch of 48 one colour will be replaced by two others, and so on, until all 8 batches are complete. Like the Gallic cavalry they will then get mixed up together.

All figures are by Renegade. The bull's head standards were kindly provided by Gripping Beast.
Anyway, the figures.....

Next up, 48 Libyan spear men. Half finished already, and which will bring this months quota to 108. Still on target.
P.S. Excuse the crusaders in the background, I have not found time to put things away!


Jehan said...

Your scutarii are really impressive, congratulations !



Phil B said...

Love the scutarii. The white 'hats' work very well (I use a linen colour for mine at 10mm) so I might try that on a few of mine. said...

Hi Oli,

Brilliant painting !!!!
Can i ask what brand of paint you are using ? Looks like it is somehting different from the normal stuff due to it covering everything in one stroke !

Hope to hear from you


Hi Rene,

I use Humbrol enamels. Coverage is excellent.

James said...

Well James,

I expected a lot but Humbrol Enamals was the last thing.

Suppose you "dig out" the thick stuff and mi with white spirit ?