Thursday, 29 September 2011

Barinaeum and the death of a King.

Last night we fought the latest battle in the Isle of Fob campaign. Following up their victory at Ghazzan, Gudrupee the Malik Fob advanced southward in an attempt to take the Christian capital. They were met on the open Plain of Barinaeum by King Louis with a large force of mixed cavalry. The winter battle that followed was very short and sharp. The forces of Gudrupee were almost destroyed and Gudrupee himself fell in the fight.

Christian Deployment:
 Moslem Deployment:
 The Moslems in trouble:
 The Death of Gudrupee:
 Knights crash home:
 Horse archers harrassing civilians in the Christian rear:


Caliban said...

Lovely. It's good to see a ca,paign narrative that generates so many interesting games.

Sgt Steiner said...


Stunning as ever especially the flags :-)