Friday, 16 September 2011

Diecast Hurricane repainted for the Desert

This time it's a Hurricane MkIId. Although I've kept the original lettering (easier to do that way), I've painted it as 6th Squadron - only the pedants will object to such heresy and they can call for pitchforks and torches at their leisure. For their information, it also made its appearance a year later than I'm gaming!!!

The model is a Postage Stamp plane by Model Power. It is 1:100 scale. Obviously, the colours were wrong for the desert so this is a total repaint rather than a revamp. Note: I filed away the 'sticky out bits' on the engine cowling as they do not feature on the ones I have pictures of. 


Rodger said...

Excellent James. Really like what you have done.

William said...

What do you plan on using for stands in a game? That's the only thing that has held me back from using the die-cast models - the thought of those heavy objects landing on painted troops has been to painful to contemplate and the types of bases that would work would seem to be very big.



Hi Bill,

I'll use the same kind of flight stands as I did for my WWI dogfighting stuff (which is 1:144 Skytrex, heavy white metal).

The thing is, to get a base that is small enough not to get in the way, but heavy enough not to fall over, can take a vertical pole securely, is flat bottomed, and that also looks neat and tidy.

The answer, is of course, jam jar lids that have had molten white metal (lead) poured into them until almost full. When cool, and they stay hot for a while, these can then be turned right side up, sprayed black and be drilled for a pole - which will be a plastic rod, perhaps 10" - 12" tall) in this case. I'll attach the plane to the rod using a crocodile clip (somehow [?], but probably utilising some of the plastic 'flight pole' they came with).

These lead filled jam jar bases are very heavy for their size and will keep these planes upright on anything flat (they don't work on hill slopes!).

Didn't Voltaire say something like "No problem is impervious to sustained thought." I hope he was right.