Thursday, 10 November 2011

Campaign Report

The campaign map shows the positions and situation of the armies just before what Peter and I are now referring to as the end game. The situation map at the end of this post highlights just how bad the situation has got for the Seljuks (who have had to evacuate many town garrisons just to form an army after the disaster at Barinaeum) and for the Franks (who's national will is close to collapsing following the winter battle at Ghazzan).

At the coastal battle of Barinaeum the Seljuk army was smashed. Following this battle the Seljuks came close to folding during subsequent campaign action.

At the winter battle at Ghazzan, with the last resources available (and at zero National Will), the Seljuks managed to rescue the situation. The national will of the Franks was shattered and the new Malik of Fob was given new hope of final victory.

The campaign could end during the next session of campaign action. If the Franks can rally their forces and get through to the next 'tax collection' they will be in a winning position as the Seljuks have virtually no tax base left; the Seljuks must force the Franks to sue before then by forcing a surrender during 'map play'.


Engel said...

This is as impressive as your post allways is. Great work and thanks for sharing.

Rodger said...

Love the battleground photos. Great work.