Saturday, 12 November 2011

Italian Wars / Peninsular War buildings

OK, so you've seen this building constructed, but now it is finished. I like 'modular' village / town sections where the space to put the troops (yard or garden) is built as part of the model - any troops in the yard count as defending the whole section; this makes fighting for built up areas easy to work out.

Now you've seen this one finished, here are some more at the built but need finishing stage. The first are all constructed using Warbases building blanks with additional balsa and Will's Pantiles. The last building, the church, is of my own design but makes use of Warbases windows and doors.

A residential building, possibly the inn.

Another residential building.


The Forge. A simple building with bags of space out front. Not all buildings need to be complex. 


A stable block. I have not decided if I should use this as a small building on its own or add it to a future building complex - so it has no yard.


This church is loosely based on a picture I found of a church with a very large tower and small naive. It also had the pillar supported balcony on the front. The church had a flat roof (possibly) and the bell tower was more ornate at the top.

Scale wise, the tower is 24cm tall. The churchyard is just over a foot square.

I reckon two or three more buildings will see me for all of my 'horse and musket' Mediterranean needs.


BigRedBat said...

Those are very nice!

I couldn't see them up on their site, last week. I will be certainly buy some; would suit me for both Rome and the Peninsular. I have an idea to turn at least one into a dice tower...

scotty said...

Excellent! those look superb

Rodger said...

These are beautiful buildings. Very impressed.

Alanus, Dux Homunculorum said...

Very nice work - these really look the part.

Jason said...

Those are truly lovely. Inspired me to get some and try something similar. Thank you.