Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Prussian Plan

I have spent a little time upgrading some more Prussian units. I now have six and they are pictured below. Under the pics you will find the composition of the planned Prussian army.

I have also re-thought the basing. I have decided to do the infantry at six to a stand with each stand measuring 45mm x 45mm unless the unit needs extra depth to prevent 'bayonet clash' when opposing units come into contact or when the stands are placed in 'march column'; extra depth stands are 45mm x 60mm with a marks towards the back of the stand to show the extra depth (the marks were made before the stands were cut by drilling 2mm holes at the 45mm point).

Prussian Army Composition


Painted units for upgrading to 24 man units: I have five units of line and two units of grenadiers by Foundry (6 pictured above). I have five units of line (including one fusilier), and one unit of grenadiers by Front Rank.

Unpainted units: I have 6 units of line (including two fusilier), and two units of grenadiers by Foundry.

In total there are a total of units, including 12 musketeer, 3 fusiliers, and 5 grenadiers. This gives a total of 480 figures.


Painted units of 8 figures: I have four units of cuirassier

Unpainted units: I have five Foundry units to paint. There are three cuirassier and two hussar units.

Unpurchased units: I need to buy two more units of dragoons. I will use Front Rank.

This gives a total of fifteen units comprising: Seven cuirassier, five dragoon and three hussar units. A total of 120 figures.


I have three batteries of two guns each. I will increase this to five batteries. The figures are a mixture of Foundry and Front Rank. A total of 10 guns and 40 crew.


There will be 9 command stands comprising 20 figures. They are a mixture of Front Rank and Foundry.

In total, there will be 660 figures in 40 units.


James said...

seems OK to me although you might want a few FreiKorps to cover any rough ground. And the 'double blue' colour scheme is quite pleasing.


Hi James, great name BTW,

I thought about adding Frei Korps units, but in the pitched battles Vs the Austrians and Russians they don't seem much in evidence. At the moment this is my theatre of choice.

If I ever collect French and Anglo-Hanovarian, to do the 'western theatre', then, I'll have to add them.

BigRedBat said...

Looking great, James!

Dave said...

very neat layout and the figures look great.