Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Russian Plan

After doing the first two Prussian unit upgrades to 24 man units, and quickly adding two more (photos to follow), I decided to do some Russian unit upgrades. Whilst I sorted out the figures to upgrade 5 Russian units in their green coats, I also counted everything up. Below are 4 photos showing the newly upgraded units; they include the Apcheronski Regiment in their red gaiters, which would date them post 1759 - but who's counting. The figures are Foundry; painted by me in enamels; the flags are also by me in enamels.

Below the photos I've listed the planned units for this army. The list gives the number of units requiring upgrades from figures in stock, the number of new units from figures in stock, and the number of new units requiring a purchase.

 The Russian Army

As before, I plan to wargame at regimental and not battalion scale. This is because a regiment of cavalry, when in line, has a similar frontage to two infantry battalions. I have always had to scale most historical battles anyway, so this 'scale' makes even more sense in the round.

Ratios of types were quite roughly worked out from looking at the regiments present at Gross Jagersdorf, Zorndorf, and Kunnersdorf.

I have chosen to do the Observation Corps (all regiments) because the Russian infantry are almost indistinguishable from each other and it provides variety; I will have no problems using OC units as normal infantry where the OC was not present.

Russian cavalry is a problem for me as a wargamer. The Russian army, outside of its cossacks, seems to have fielded less cavalry than its western neighbours, and in smaller units than the Austrians and Prussians (my other SYW armies). I have decided to field more dragoons than were historically in evidence so that I can have them on both wings. I have decided to field cuirassier in units representing two regiments each - but with only one flag.


Painted in need of upgrade to 24 man units: I have five painted line units in coats (above), four line units in waistcoats, and three units of grenadiers - all by Foundry. I also have two Front Rank units  of line to be upgraded. 

24 man units to be painted from scratch: I have two line units, one in coats one in waistcoats. I have one unit of grenadiers. I have four units of Observation Corps line infantry and one unit of OC grenadiers in waistcoats - all by Foundry. 

This will give a total of 17 line units and 5 grenadier units - 528 figures in all. 


Painted 8 figure units: I have two units of cuirassier and 3 units of cossacks by Foundry. I have one unit of horse grenadiers and one unit of hussars by Front Rank.

Unpainted 8 figure units: I have two units of cossacks and a unit of hussars by Foundry.

Required 8 figure units: I need to buy a unit of horse grenadiers and two units of dragoons. I will use Front Rank unless ebay come to the rescue first.

This gives a total of 13 units comprising 104 cavalry.


I have three painted batteries each of 2 guns and 8 crew they are a proper mixture of Foundry and Front Rank. I have the guns for three more batteries (again a mix of Foundry and Front Rank) but they are currently without crew. I will use Front Rank for the crew.

This gives a total of 12 guns and 48 crew.


A mixture of Front Rank and Foundry figures which will go towards making nine command stands. There are 15 figures.

This will give a Russian army of 695 figures in 41 units - a good night's game, and with a very 'campaignable' mix.


WimVdB said...

It looks like this is going to be a huge "non-project".
Realy looking forward to what it will look like when finished!

Wim (Belgium)

Vasiliy Levashov said...

Excelent work!
My respect

Vasiliy (Saint-Petersburg/Russia)

pancerni said...

Great work!

Dalauppror said...

Sound like you have a plan;)

Impressive amount of minis, the one you painted so far looks realy good.

Good Luck!

Best regards dalauppror

maciek said...

Great plan.
NB. The Observation Corps battalions were much bigger than line infantry, and regiments fielded three battalions. In regimental scale, it means that every three battalion regiment of OC equals two 2-battalion ordinary regiments.

Sgt Steiner said...


Those 'bathed in blood' lot look excellent :-)

Mark Dudley said...

Hi James

Now all you need to do is go for 48 man units and you will be good for Old School games


Mark, not on your bloody life.