Monday, 11 June 2012

New Italian Wars buildings made up

I've just knocked up two more buildings for my Italian Wars battles using building blanks from Warbases, Modular Buildings Range (28mm).

They can be found at:

I picked these up at Sheffield Triples this year. Among the new additions to the range  is a very useful pack of balconies (thanks guys). These take away a lot of balsa work, and they look great.

Chimneys and bits are balsa, Tiled roofs are by Will's Building Materials

So first up is this 'double tower' with central gate and connecting balcony.  I thought it was a good way of getting two tall towers into a single town section in a interesting way.

Although Warbases actually make a stable block, I decided to do my own using blanks I had in stock. The stable block has been half-built for months, but I wasn't sure how to finish it. In the end I decided to use a small blank with an extra half floor (balsa) - somewhere for grain storage and for the grooms to sleep. This completes it nicely as a stand alone town block.

As a final touch, I added two big piles of stable sweepings. I might add a trough, hmmm.

This gives me 7 buildings including the Church. That is plenty for now.


Dalauppror said...

Looking realy nice !!! very impressive !

Best regards michael

Anonymous said...

Great job!!!

I had a hard time recognizing the buildings you used... So much so that I though Warbases had expanded their range even more!

Hendrid said...

Great looking buildings that fit the period. Nice!

Willie Anderson said...

Looks great james

Willie Anderson said...

Looks great James

pancerni said...

Good looking!