Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hispilis 211 BC part 2

The Romans pile on the pressure with an almighty right hook. The Carthaginians, having bought some time skirmishing, are forced to attack Scipio's veteran infantry with frontal elephant charges.......


........whilst, in the centre, the Roman infantry begin to throw back Hasdrubal's Spanish foot; more of which are coming up in support. The battle is turning nasty.

To relieve pressure on the left, the Carthaginians force an assault across the fast flowing river. Initially this is successful and temporarily throws the Roman line into confusion.
On the Roman right, and in the centre, the action becomes general. The action goes one way then the other ...........

......until, finally, the Romans come out on top. The Carthaginians let their troops run - they are Spanish, they are expendable.

At the end of turn 3, the situation is looking bad for both sides.

The Romans have almost succeeded in crushing the last resistance on their right wing and have stabilised the situation at the river. However, they have almost exhausted themselves doing so (they have only 11 morale chips left).

The Carthaginians have almost lost their left and are faced with the costly option of a full scale river assualt on their right / centre. They have held, through circumstance rather than design, much of their force in reserve and have let, unlike the Romans, a good number of their defeated troops leave the field rather than expend effort in rallying them (consequently, their morale chip count is much better at 34).

The following pictures show the relative positions at the end of turn 3.

Racked up like lamb chops: African infantry await the order to assault across the raging river.
On the opposite bank: Grimly determined veteran Romans await the seemingly inevitable assault. 
Balearic slingers trying to force the Romans back from the river bank in support of the African infantry. 
The last Carthaginian infantry established on the Roman side of the river. Too few in number to launch an attack of their own they can be seen here skulking in the woods awaiting events elsewhere.

The game turn clock - There are only two more turns to go.

To be continued.....

BTW: This is a MDF 'casualty' clock by Warbases, painted and 'terrained'. The little handle (at 2 o'clock) turns the number dial.


Phil said...

Once again, a great AAR!
Your pictures are really impressive, and the tabla is amazing...beautiful!

Gunny Highway said...

Wow! What a nail biter! Fortunately, there's no pressure.... Just all of Hispania!:)Excellent game, your both to be commended for such a well fought match... A pint on me all around!

Dalauppror said...

Greate looking game !

Thanks for a good AAR !

Best regards Michael

fireymonkeyboy said...

God, the eye candy! I swear, I need insulin injections to look at these reports ;)

bertinoro67 said...

spectacular battle!!

topi said...

Your games are always inspirational!