Friday, 14 December 2012

The Battle of Porcinorci - the set up

I have set up this fictional Italian Wars battle to test some rules in 'open field' situations. Consequently, the terrain has been set up to aesthetically form an amphitheatre in which the main action will take place.

The battle features armies with an identical (unless my mathematics are wrong) unit integrity point total. I have not tried to balance quality, but I don't think that the sides are too far off par. It will be interesting to see how the rules are working: there is nothing like a reasonably large battle on open ground to do that. Here are a few shots of the set up.

Spanish (left) and French (right) showing, in the foreground, the open flank beyond the ridge.
Spanish right: Light and heavy cavalry supported by two colonelas. 
Spanish centre and left: Artillery, two colonelas, two 72 figure Landsknecht pike squares, plus a light sprinkling of cavalry.
French right and centre: French infantry (Gascons and Picard pikemen) and Gendarmes d'Ordnance supported by artillery.
French left: Swiss infantry (two blocks of 54 pikemen) supported by mixed light horse.
Colonela and light cavalry.
Massed pike.
Swiss pike units 'coming up'.
Gascons and Picard pike.

Peter and I will fight this battle out next week.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hm very tasty I do admire your Renaissance collection :)

Tarty said...

Wonderful stuff indeed.

Fritz II. said...

Wow ! Most impressive.

Hendrid said...

Hmmm....nice. I do like an IW game. Nice posting.

David said...

That's what a game should look like, quite spectacular! I am very tempted...

BigRedBat said...

Another stunning game!

Dalauppror said...

Lovely pictures !!!

MaxxVane said...

Very nice looking game, what make are the Gendarmes?

MaxxVane said...

Very nice looking battle, what make are your Gendarmes?


Gendarmes are Foundry.

Once upon a time, they were £6 a pack of four, and one day once upon a time they were buy one get one free from Wargames World, Ilkley.

Now they are £95 for 30 or £12 for 3 - Tardis, please.

Gunny Highway said...

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to James and Peter! Your site and conflicts on the tabletop really were a inspiration this year for me!


Anonymous said...

Spectacular looking setup. I'm quite envious.

Where did you get the buildings you are using for the town? Are they a scratch build or a purchase? They look quite nice!


Buildings are mainly blanks by warbases with some additional scratch bits. They are MDF.