Thursday, 14 November 2013

Reserve Demolition - Battle Report - Part 1

Last night Peter, Graham and I started the Reserve Demolition scenario (by Charles Grant) outlined in a previous post.

We drew lots to decide who was who. There are three distinct commands in the scenario - two Russian and one Prussian - and I drew the Prussians. 

I deployed around the bridge and on the southerly knoll. Then the first Russian command came on table - they chose to attack from the south. 
 The Russians led with their cavalry, which charged under a hail of well timed canister shot from my artillery on the grassy knoll. 

The cavalry were eventually repulsed by Prussian infantry, but not before the guns were lost - honours equal.
 This charge successfully allowed the Russian infantry to get organised. I had hoped to give it a pounding with my guns.

The Russian guns were prolonged forward with undue haste - even further ahead than this shot shows. They were charged by rapidly deploying Prussian dragoons. Before the first gunner could pull the sponge out of his arse the Prussian cavalry was on them - Huzzah! 
 Around the knoll, I formed up to make a stand, reinforcing the knoll with grenadiers.  

Word arrived that the powder train to blow the bridge was en route. Better late than never. 
 With the arrival of the grenadiers, the cavalry turned into column of march to redeploy against a second attack coming in from the north. 

The Prussians would be hard pressed to hold the knoll, and what was left of their artillery was rushed to form a second line of defence - just in case.
 The northern attack force was a strong one, and it wrong footed the Prussians completely - I had banked on at least one attack coming from the east.
 What was more, it came on at great speed, and my eastward facing troops were in serious danger of being outflanked.
The attack from the south was now at close quarters and the musketry of both sides was deadly. 
The Russians superior numbers began to tell. My gallant Prussians were being destroyed.
To the north, as the powder train made its ponderous way to the bridge, and I desperately withdrew troops to form a new northward facing front with secure flanks, the Russians came steadily on.........

To be continued.

All in all, the scenario is proving to be good fun. It will take a Prussian miracle to win though, I'm already out of morale chips. 


Steve J. said...

Great looking game and can't wait to see how it finishes.

Moiterei_1984 said...

Looks amazing!

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Exciting stuff, Prussians are up against it though!

Capt Bill said...

Wonderful eye candy!!!