Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Reserve Demolition - Part 2

This very short report caps off the action in the Reserve Demolition game. The action was over in the blink of an eye. In fact, we were left with enough time to completely reset the battle and get in the first turns of it - which may be reported on later. 

 We left the action with the Prussians (yours truly) out of morale chips but defensively set, and eager, to receive the Russian onslaught.

Then this lot rolled up for their quality. They mostly rolled up as determined (Up 2 to all rolls) with an incredible series of D20 rolls of 20! My goose was cooked.
 And I felt a little surrounded.......
It didn't take long for the Russians to close to point blank range. 

Whilst they blasted the Prussians to pieces, a regiment of Horse Grenadiers managed to break through to the bridge. 

The scattered pioneers, busy preparing the bridge for demolition, were duly slaughtered. With no way of destroying the bridge and, with the enemy everywhere, I said "Bonjour, mon ami" and surrendered my sword like a Frenchman in a brothel. 

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Mike said...

You know, sometimes you have a game like this. Better luck next time.