Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A few more for Zorndorf

January has been productive for Operation Zorndorf. The last of the Observation Corps is finished; the last of the Russian artillery are finished; the combined grenadier units are finished; the last of the Cossacks are finished.
 Combined grenadier units to represent the six battalions at Zorndorf. These are an eclectic mix of Foundry figures that I purchased from Dave T's ebay offerings. 
 I particularly like the figures in rain capes. Not only are they attractive to look at, they are easy to paint as well.
 The artillery concentrates on batteries to go at the Observation Corps' end of the line - two mixed batteries of Secret Howitzers and Unicorns. These are by Front Rank.
 More Dave T Foundry figures. The last two units of the Observation Corps - 5 units of 36 figures including 4 musketeer regiments and 1 combined grenadier 'regiment' (split into its two btns here).
 Three units of 8 Foundry cossacks.
I took the opportunity to paint three extra figures to go on these casualty bases. Originally, I had made these, plus one with a mounted cavalry figure (not pictured), to stretch 16 existing bases of cossacks into 20 bases. I Had to add more units for Zorndorf, and to make a Foundry order up to 16 packs to get the 6 free packs on offer, I went for having 8 full units of 8 figures (32 bases).

Apart from 4 units of 24 infantry and 4 units of 8 cavalry, that is the Russians done. I've had enough of doing Russians for the time being. Next up I'll start tackling the 22 units of Prussians that are still needed (7 infantry, 3 artillery, 12 cavalry). This Zorndorf game (for Triples in May) has a very heavy painting requirement - it is going to be a real effort.


Moiterei_1984 said...

Very nice work! Those casualties realy make the big bases pop.

warpaintjj said...

Lovely work, I wonder if Russian Napoleonics are available in raincapes? Very fond of those cossacks, not too grubby!
cheers, JJ

Steve J. said...

I really like the Cossacks and the way you have done their bases.


Thanks Steve,

I have always disliked the idea that 'skirmish cavalry' deploy in an extended line like Napoleonic light infantry. I more often read that they 'swarmed like bees', or some such description. That indicates, to me at least, that they deployed in 'orderless' bunches. So I base my skirmish units with the same frontage as line cavalry, but deeper. In combat they don't fight as well as more ordered cavalry. This batch have been based with more figures 'side by side' than the previous lot which had more of a 'fore and aft' basing. When mixed up they should look suitably jumbled.

Gonsalvo said...

Great productivity, and of course, wonderful looking troops, as always!

David said...

I like the Cossacks and the basing ideas. Beginning to look an impressive project!

Michael Peterson said...

Very fine work all around. I need to add some Cossacks to my own SYW Russian army and I may steal your basing idea. What is said about the unformed nature of skirmish cavalry in this area was helpful. As my Cossacks will be fighting Ottoman light cavalry, I don't think it will look very pretty. :)