Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The game played over the Christmas break

And so the action began, and it was the Russians who got a head start. Their relief column began to  issue from the town. 

The Prussians advanced their cavalry into the plain to the right of the big hill - they looked determined, even scary, but it would not be their day.
Then the Prussian infantry began their assault on the hill. 
The fighting was fierce, and several units of Prussian infantry went down under repeated volleys of musketry and Secret Howitzer canister fire. 
But gradually, they made the summit. The Russians found themselves outflanked and resistance crumbled.
The Prussian cavalry make very heavy going against minimal resistance.
All the while, the Russian reserves are coming into the field.
The Prussians get themselves organised. They are seeking to go on the defencive until their artillery can be brought up.
This gives the Russians time to assemble for a counter attack.
The Prussians look immovable, and soon their artillery is making itself felt (with an extra reload card from the characterisation deck, plus a Brilliant leader card they are firing four times each turn) - the effect is going to be devastating, and the Prussians use all of their initiative to cycle through their deck shooting at every opportunity.

The Russians bring their cavalry over. The Russians are outnumbered and outflanked but the Prussian cavalry has not had its Wheetabix. The cavalry fights itself to a standstill. It opens up the flank of the Prussians on the hill.
The Prussians are out of morale chips. The Russians are running out of infantry. Both sides attack. The Russians are quicker off the mark and the Prussians, being outflanked, throw in the towel. There are too few Russians to pursue. It was a very close run thing.
The game was a good one - thank you Mr. Grant - and we will re-run it again over the next few weeks.

We will change a few things. The lake will be removed and replaced with some broken ground. A few new units will be added to the mix. A new sequence card will be introduced - Shock Cavalry Melee Resolution.


Steve J. said...

Lovely looking table and figures as always :)

Phil said...

Pictures are really beautiful, the battlefield is splendid, as the figures...thanks for sharing!

Dalauppror said...

Stunning looking game!!!

les figurines de SPOCK said...

a beautiful table, and the pictures are beautiful

Sgt Steiner said...

Beautiful figures and terrain for a really great period.
Were you using Cartouche or FOB or one of your own variations of Piquet ?

World2Dave said...

Totally brilliant, as always.

World2Dave said...

Totally brilliant, as always.

Chrisfigurines said...

Stunning display of beautiful miniatures and scenery.


Thanks, guys.

Sgt. S.

We were using our own version of classic Piquet with slightly amended Cartouche 1.

The main changes are to distances (e.g. infantry move 10" a go) and ranges mainly because of the table size; to the morale chip rules (no loss for stands, melee loss, disorder); to major morale rules; and dress the line card additions for unit losses. There are few other minor changes - but the game is still totally recognisable as a Piquet game.

We are also using dominoes, rather than d20s, for determining initiative which is giving some interesting battles.

We have been using the Heroic card as an extra melee card for cavalry, but I think that the new card (melee resolution for shock cavalry only x2) will be a great addition - it really should have been in the original game for periods where infantry should be forced to shoot and cavalry to melee (there being only 1 general use melee resolution card in most SYW decks is a great idea, but it makes the cavalry rubbish).

John Lambshead said...

Great pictures, thanks.

pancerni said...

Very neat photos. The game looks like fun.

Jonathan Freitag said...

James, your game table is always splendidly deployed. What a pleasure it would be to participate in your games!

SteveH said...

Fantastic looking game!


David said...

Super photos! Lovely tooking table and figures!

Michael Peterson said...

Terrific stuff. I'm bookmarking this page for inspiration for my own SYW projects - you set the bar high for others wanting to do this period.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Your table is always a joy to behold and very inspirational. Glad to see you get back to the SYW, although you can make ANY historical period look compelling to collect . Nicely done!

Did you consider using any of the Foundry Russian artillery equipment? I used both when I had my Foundry Russian army -- I used FR howitzers, especially the Shuvulov howitzer, and the Foundry heavy and light field guns.


I do have some of the Foundry stuff. I actually prefer their Secret Howitzer, and have some plus a few guns.

Having said that, I don't know any of the Foundry crew - Foundry has always seemed aloof, possibly due to the influence of its former CEO - where as, Alec of Front Rank is a very nice man. I'll be using him for my Austrians (I already have several hundred) and for my planned Napoleonic collection. His range of SYW Prussians and Russians look rather old these days, so I went Foundry. His Austrians and Napoleonics are much more sparkly.

Der Alte Fritz said...

The only producer of Observation Corps artillery in 28mm is Front Rank, as far as I know. Seems like a product opportunity for some company.

Bluewillow said...

simply supurb mate!


lancerminiatures said...

Just come across the pictures, fantastic looking game, thanks for showing them