Tuesday, 25 February 2014

February draws to a close - Zorndorf stuff

February is a short month. Somehow, I've managed to get through the painting schedule with a couple of days to spare (or to get ahead of the game, depending on your view). Here is this month's output. Three units each of dragoons, fusiliers and artillery.

 First up. DR6 Schorlemer (a ten squadron regiment). From Kronoskaf, "In May 1716, Friedrich Wilhelm I acquired this regiment from August II of Saxony. Maybe, part of the value of the regiment was paid with valuable porcelain and, thereafter the regiment retained the nickname Porzellan Dragoons. Another simpler explanation for this nickname was that their uniform was white and blue..."

Now, before I go on, I have a problem with these Wargames Foundry figures - more especially the command packs. As far as I can see, the drummer is all wrong. He does not wear a Dragoon coat with musician's distinctions, as he should. He is wearing a cuirassier musician's coat. I can find no references for this uniform - IMHO, it is very wrong. Secondly, the officer has been sculpted with hat lace that they did not have - not a big problem, just one more with the command pack. If I want more Prussian dragoons I will not use Foundry in future unless this pack is improved. This is very sad, as Foundry produce some of the best dragoon trooper figures on the market.
 Five squadrons of DR8 Alt Platen. 

All dragoon cornets have had the upper part of their 'flag pole' removed. The butt will be drilled for a wire flag pole (with flag) later.
 IR37 Kursell. A nice 'classically coloured' little Fusilier regiment. 

I like the design of Foundry's Prussian infantry very much. They are very quick and simple to paint as they are largely equipment (knapsacks, etc.) free. 
 IR46 Bulow with black facings.

Somehow (ebay) I've managed to acquire an awful lot of casualty figures. Each of these regiments has used up one or two.
 IR49 Diericke. This is a lovely little regiment with bright orange under clothes. It was raised as a pioneer regiment but converted to fusiliers by Frederick in 1758. It fought at Zorndorf and Kunnersdorf. 

As a war game unit, especially in campaigns and scenarios,  it will be very useful. It can be used to represent engineers or a fighting unit.

These Foundry figures are a mix of ebay purchases. Quite a few have had collars and lapels filed off before painting - can you tell?
Artillery. A mix of Foundry and Front Rank figures and guns. 

The mounted officer has been painted as an officer of miners - I only had six FR crew for this battery and it's a nice way of slipping in a pretty uniform that might not be seen otherwise (Osprey, Fred's Army 3, plate C2). The officer is Foundry on a Front Rank horse (more ebay bits). I do like FR horses.

I have filed the cockade from the hats of several Foundry gunners and added a pompom. I don't know if I should have done this, but my sources show no cockade, only pompoms on the hats of Prussian gunners.

Next month: Prussian grenadiers, cuirassier and hussars.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

As ever awesome output at such a quality level.


Ed Clark said...

They look really really good!

Gonsalvo said...

Fantastic productivity and lovely looking figures, mas always. A matter of personal taste, of course, but to me the Fusilier castings are squat to a degree beyond what I care for. Not that I'd turn down a chance to play with them for an instant! :-)

Michael Peterson said...

Very fine work. Quite inspiring. I like what the casualty figures add to those units.