Friday, 14 February 2014

Second Punic War Campaign - The Battle of the Trebbia

P. Scipio marched his troops out of there camp and offered battle north of the Trebbia. Hannibal accepted the challenge.

Army size: I worked out the armies (I do have something to do in the campaign other than write its history) using CU strength for army size - Rome 12 vs Carthage 9. I started with the Romans as they have a fixed army organisation. I decided to give them 6 legions (30 four stand units) and scaled Carthage accordingly.

P. Scipio: He has a campaign battle rating of 2. His army has two generals and will get a hand of 6 C&C cards. He requires 12 victory flags to win.

Hannibal: He has a battle rating of 4. His army has three generals and will get a hand of 8 C&C cards. Because he is Hannibal (in the board game he gets an extra combat bonus) he will be allowed to play two C&C cards, back to back, but only once, during the game. He requires 15 victory flags to win.

 The battle began with skirmishing by both sides. Carthage gained a marginal advantage.
 The Roman infantry, deployed in triplex acies advanced steadily. The battle will be decided in the centre. 
Despite repeated cavalry charges the battle on the wings is fought out to little advantage to either side. It wastes much effort - especially that of Rome.  
In the centre the battle weighs heavily in favour of Carthage. Carthage plays several 'order centre' cards, 'order medium troops' cards and 'line command' cards one after another until the the Roman centre buckles, then collapses (as it happens these are the only cards Carthage has). Carthage gains its 15 victory banners for the loss of 6 of its own.

Post battle, the result is transposed to the map board. Rome loses 5 CU and 2 political control markers. Scipio retreats to Mutina. Hannibal loses 1 CU.

To be continued..........


Phil said...

THese armies are really great!

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Marvellous looking stuff James.... really impressive!


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Great looking game, and a fine performance by Hannibal!

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Fantastic figures

NUFCwilson1 said...

Fantastic figures

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