Monday, 28 April 2014

Kronoskaf - We're website of the month

Kronoskaf is my go to resource for all things Seven Years War.

This blog has been chosen to be the very first "Website of the month".

I'd like to thank my family, especially my mum for all...........and when I was five and a half.......and Mr. Fletcher......[ten minutes later].....God Bless the Great State of Navada and all who sail in Her.

:D :D :D :D 

Operation Zorndorf is coming to a close. I've left the schedule due to my month being broken by a trip to Rome. The Prussian army is now completely finished; it is based and all the standards have been done. All of the Russian infantry are painted, based and flagged up. The game plan is finalised. I just have four units of Russian cavalry to paint and base, two flags to do, and four wagons and draught to do. On the terrain front I still have the Grunds to do, but I've collected all of the materials and I have a design. I started the operation knowing it could be done; though I had my doubts over MY ability to do it - and I have worried at several points - but, I'm going to scrape in just under the wire. Deadlines have their value.

Pictures to follow

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Keith Flint said...

And very well deserved.

Best wishes, Keith.