Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Old and new and changing styles

This week I have finished the Prussians for Zorndorf with the addition of the 7th Hussars (Die Gelben / The Yellows). Funnily enough (having discovered that there are two versions of the Prussian OOB for Zorndorf - one gives the 3rd Hussars as present, the other the 7th Hussars), it looks like I might accidentally have the right unit after all.

I have only had to paint half this double strength unit as I already had half of it in the cupboard. I painted the other half over fifteen years ago. This gives an unmissable chance to compare my painting styles, then to now (even if the figures are by two different manufacturers - Front Rank and Foundry - the difference is unmistakable) . It would appear that I have become bolder and steadier and I have a better grasp of horse flesh, and colour generally. It also appears that I have given up doing 'small detail' such as eyelids and fine lacing on pelisses. I prefer my style now to then. It is quicker. It has more visual impact at a 'war gaming distance' of a few feet.

Next up, I will finish the Russians - 70 infantry, 30 Cavalry. 

I think that means that I have already painted: 446 Infantry, 114 Cavalry, 14 Guns and 56 gun crew since mid November last year - wow that is over 100 figures a month.


Michael Peterson said...

The newer figures do "pop" a little more but both are very fine. It is always interesting to me to revisit my older figures and see the differences.
So impressed at your rate of production - 100 figures a month!

Bob Chicka said...

Nice work!I agree your current style is more bold and shows off the details better at longer distances, without lowering the quality of your work.

DeanM said...

Yes, I agree with the previous posts - your current, bolder, brushwork seems to be more apparent on the newer figures. For instance, the zigzag pattern on the horse blanket looks clearer on the new guys. they all look great though.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Both styles are fabulous. The facial features done in your current style have a more caricature feel. Detailing is more recognizable at a distance on the newer works than on the older.

Like children, who can pick a favorite?

World2Dave said...

I like them both, but do think the new style is better. Hugely impressive.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Both are awesome! This has happened to me where I have older and newer figures within the same range where the styles are quite apparent.